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Jon Congdon Speech

June 30, 2011 –

On June 17, Jon Congdon, Beachbody President, kicked off the 2011 Beachbody Summit. He had a great 15 minute opening speech.

Jon talks about the beginning days of Beachbody. 15 years ago, Jon was a school teacher making a base salary of $24, 600. He met up with Carl, started Beachbody, and then 2 years later launched “Power 90″. Jon tells a very interesting story around the early days of the company and how a defining moment on a message board post entitled “Power 90 Scam” defined what Beachbody’s strongest assets would be…their customers. Listen to the speech to find out why!

One of Jon’s favorite coaches and heroes growing up was John Wooden. He was an extremely ethical person who never backed down. There where (2) great quotes he mentioned from John:

“Don’t mistake activity with achievement”

“Make everyday your masterpiece”

And like JohnW, Jon states that we should measure ourselves by not only WHAT we achieved but HOW we achieved it. Let that soak in! Profound stuff!

Carl Daikeler is usually the speaker for the company so I have not heard Jon talk very much. I really enjoyed his candor, his passion for bettering the world around him, and his determination to do it in the most ethical way possible. In a recent study, the U.S. came out #37 on the top country’s life expectancy. At Beachbody, we work towards reversing this trend! And we do it through transforming one life at a time.

By the way, another interesting tidbit. Do you know what “Power 90″ means? Jons said it is rowing term that means you should all out. I looked it up and found that a  coxswain will call out a Power 10 which in term translates to the rowers to increase the pressure of their stroke. So Power 90 is going all out for 90 days! Nice!

Jon Congdon – 2011 Beachbody Summit Opening Speech

4 Responses to “Jon Congdon Speech”

  1. Coach Indo says:

    I watched this before—I agree tha congdon is usually the quiet one, but I think he’s probably every bit the genius that Carl is…

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