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BB in Mexico & Canada

July 17, 2011 –

Unfortunately as of today, you can only be a Beachbody Coach if you reside in the United States. However, Team Beachbody is working very hard to expand into the global realm. First up is Mexico and Canada. Carl Daikeler gave everyone an update at the 2011 Beachbody Summit. The good news is that they are making progress on Canada. The bad news is that they don’t have a timeframe yet.

So what is the hang-up? From listening to Carl, it appears the hardest part is getting customs clearance for Shakeology. As he said, many of the ingredients they have never heard of so Beachbody needs to convince them that they wont kill you. LOL!. (It is much funnier when he says it in the video below.)

This is going to be a huge opportunity and the translation of many of the BB websites and workouts to Spanish is a critical step.

If you would like to the first to find out the latest updates on the International Coaching Opportunity, go to HERE. Then go to the bottom where it says “Want to be a Coach but don’t live in the U.S.?” Click on the button, put in your email, and you’ll receive the latest updates.

To see Carl’s full update on the International Markets, see the video below. It starts at 8:39 or you can click HERE to go right to this point on YouTube.

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