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Capitol Hill to Recognize Beachbody Coaches & Customers!

July 18, 2011-

Here is more evidence that Beachbody is being more widely recognized for it’s efforts and mission. Not only does Michelle Obama do P90X, but our man Tony Horton is constantly in DC working out congressman in the congressional gym. Carl Daikeler is also working with DC to help combat obesity. Whether it is with the Let’s Move program or through other means.

So here is some great news. Starting this Friday, July 15th, the Presidential Council on Fitness will begin recognizing Beachbody Coaches & customers as an advocate of the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA). And everyone who participates will get their own signed certificate.

How cool it is that?! So, if you purchase products (workouts, supplements, Shakeology)  through me between July 15th and August 17th,you will also receive a signed award! To join my team, click HERE.

To learn more about the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, go to Please note that you’re not required to follow their sign-up instructions. Beachbody will be taking care of everything for you!


Between July 15th and August 17th, the Presidential Council will recognize:

  • All customers who buy a Beachbody fitness program or order Shakeology┬«
  • All current Coaches
  • All new Coach signups

Each of these Coaches and customers will receive a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award, issued by the Presidential Council. Get ready to display your badge proudly (hint: make it your Facebook picture).

3 Responses to “Capitol Hill to Recognize Beachbody Coaches & Customers!”

  1. BigSwish says:

    Wow Mike! Thanks for sharing this bro!!! I am sick and tired of hearing people say P90X and Beachbody is just a fad! Guess what??? It’s not!!! LOL!!!

  2. Coach Indo says:

    I actually went to the PALA website and signed up! You have to do one activity per day for up to 8 weeks (6 WEEKS minimum) to get the certificate…the listed activities do not include Beachbody workouts, so I just pick one that’s close (such as “Weightlifting” or “Circuit Training”

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