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Resistance Bands

March 28, 2011 –

Resistance Bands can take a bad rap. Many people feel that to get “real results” you need dumb bells. Well, there were people in the P90x test group that went the whole way through the program with the bands and got shredded.

I used resistance bands quite a bit during my first 90 days because I traveled so much. For many exercises, I like the bands better. For example, in my opinion “Standing Shoulder Flys” are tougher with the bands than with dumb bells.

I have done many workouts that really exploit resistance bands and show how tough they can be.

Power 90 – The Total Body Sculpt Circuit programs are perfect for bands.

One on One, Volume 1 – Power90 Road Warrior – This workout uses one band exclusively for the whole workout. I have done it numerous times. It moves fast through each body part and it gives you a serious pump by the end. I have included the trailer below.

P90x One on One, Volume 3 – V-Sculpt – This is one of the more recent One on One routines. It focuses on Back & Biceps and comes with a Door-to-Band Assembly. I’ll tell you what. Your Biceps get a HUGE workout from the bands. I have included the trailer below.

Bands are great because they are so versatile and can be used for toning or bulking. They are also much cheaper than dumb bells. So for those that dont want to make an investment in weights, resistance bands are the way to go.

I had resistance bands in the house before I started P90x, but I ended up buying 3 different resistance bands tensions from Beachbody. The handles can be removed from the bands which makes travel easier. I have had great results with them and would recommend them. However, you can find resistance bands at any sporting good store.

Lastly, I have included a link below to a video where Tony Horton demonstraes on how to use the bands properly. Just click on the link below.

1) Modify Range of Motion

2) Use the Proper Band (Different Tension for Different Exercises)

3) Use the Proper Stance (More Tension, Widen Your Stance)

Trainer Tips – Tony Horton shows How you Bring It! with the Bands


One on One, Volume 3 – Power 90 Road Warrior

P90x One on One, Volume 3 – V-Sculpt

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