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Jeff Hill Speech

July 3, 2011 –

Jeff Hill is the new Senior VP of Sales at Beachbody. When I say new, he joined around 6 months ago. I had a personal phone conversation with him a couple of months back and he is exactly how he is in public or on the coach calls. Just a really nice man who has great business sense and understands the gravity of Beachbody’s purpose. In his speech he provides an “outsider’s” perspective as to why what we are all doing as a part of Team Beachbody is so unique and powerful from anyone else in the industry.

“Ending the Trend of Obesity” is a big audacious goal. (See sumo wrestler picture above!) But it is us as coaches who will make this happen. It is our job to share our stories and support those around us. Our job is to give to those around us with the utmost integrity. By changing “OUR” world,  we will start to change “THE” world.

Jeff worked for Covey Leadership and before that he practiced law. After Covey, he was recruited into the network marketing industry. He saw that this was a business where good people could do more than they ever though possible. They could make their dreams come true. People help other people and through that your life becomes better because of that. Covey always saw the same qualities in great companies. When these were present there was a passion and a “fire within”.

Jeff discusses these Four L’s in his speech:

1) Live

2) Love

3) Learn

4) Legacy

I don’t want to give everything good in the speech away, but I will end with two great quotes Jeff mentioned in his speech.

“My dream are worthless. My plans are dust. My goals are impossible. All are of no value unless they are followed by action. I will act now!” – Og Mandino, author

“Many people die with their music still in them. Why is this so? Too often it is because they are always getting ready to live. Before they know it, time will run out. ” Olive Wendall

Enjoy the full unabridged speech below!

Jeff Hill – 2011 Beachbody Summit – Part I

Jeff Hill – 2011 Beachbody Summit – Part II

3 Responses to “Jeff Hill Speech”

  1. Coach Indo says:

    Don’t have time right now, but I will be back to watch these!!

  2. Fred says:

    Hi Coach Mike,

    My name is Fred and I am a member of Teamripped and a new coach. Thanks for sharing the videos. So informative and it was like being there! Hope to meet you some time at a future Summit!

    All my best,

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