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Success Stories

July 11, 2011 –

Success Stories is what keep this so exciting. Everyone has a story on how they turned things around. And while I am a Beachbody Success Story, different stories resonate with different people.  I will be creating a Success Stories Tab at the top of my page shortly to highlight many of the success stories that have occurred from the different Beachbody programs.

However,  here are a few to wet your appetite that I really enjoyed. And if you have a success story, I want to here about it! Just shoot me an email! My contact information is HERE.

Turbo Fire Success Story

Cammie Lusk – From MS to P90X Success

Think you can’t do P90X? FollowCammie, who was diagnosed with MS, in her P90X journey. You can read more about her at her blog site as well.

2010 Beachbody Million Dollar Body Winners!

On Day 3 of the Beachbody Summit, Beachbody announced the (2) winners of $25,000. Below is a video of all the contestants along with their stories in their words. What touched me most about seeing the MDB portion of the summit (Picture to the right) wasn’t even the winners. Although the stories were touching and these people have obviously made profound changes in their life, it was seeing the coach of Meghan Kehoe crying her eyes out in joy. She happened to be sitting in the same row as me. You could tell these two had a really special connection and there was an emotional journey that brought both of them to this point.

My doctor described me as a 36-year-old walking heart attack . . .

By Gregg Bird, 2011 Million Dollar Body Game® Grand Prize Winner

My life before P90X was pretty basic. I would eat breakfast while driving to work, consisting of two cigarettes, a king-size pack of Reese’s Sticks, and a cup of coffee. I’d eat fast food for lunch every day. I’d go home, take a nap, and eat more fast food—usually pizza, cheese steaks, French fries, or potato chips—for dinner. Then I’d retire to the couch for either another nap or to watch TV until 9:00 or 10:00 PM, and then it was time to eat again—popcorn, candy bars, chips, etc. Throughout the day, I’d smoke about two packs of cigarettes.

Three days after my 16th wedding anniversary, I woke up and could not stand what I saw in the mirror. I had become depressed, mean, and hopeless. My doctor described me as a 36-year-old walking heart attack and placed me on medication for very high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. I had been thinking that I should just end my life, but knew that I was better than that. I knew that I had never taken the easy way and that I wouldn’t this time either.

I had been watching the infomercials for P90X for some time and jokingly telling my wife that I could do it. Then we’d laugh and eat more junk food. In December of 2009, I saw the commercial again and remembered that a friend had bought it, so I asked him if I could borrow it. I started doing it, but there were some obstacles:

  1. Junk food habits.
  2. Wanting to be lazy and not work out.
  3. Naysayers, whom I’d thought were friends.
  4. Traveling for work.
  5. Muscle soreness and tiredness.

I overcame them by just doing my workouts and eating healthy. I found that I actually like vegetables after not eating them for over 30 years. And I found that my attitude was changing—I was becoming . . . happier!

There are two very key things that I found from Beachbody that have helped me tremendously: Shakeology and Results and Recovery Formula. Shakeology has helped me get my cholesterol and blood sugar lower than they’ve ever been, and I no longer have to take any medication.

Results and Recovery Formula does absolutely everything that it is promoted to. It is the only thing that takes away the stiff and sore muscles, and I drink it after every single workout.

I have since completed three rounds of P90X, one round of P90X Plus, and one round of INSANITY, and I am currently doing a hybrid version of P90X/INSANITY. I continue to lose body fat, grow muscle, and become faster, stronger, and healthier!

I joined Beachbody as a Coach and am on a mission to help others gain the happiness and healthiness that I am experiencing. I 100 percent believe and support the push by this company to End the Trend of obesity, and that in itself inspires and keeps the fire burning within me to remain fit and healthy. My lifestyle is now one of healthy, clean eating and daily workouts. I now host a weekly Fit Club and am getting ready to start a second one. Me! The guy who hid in the corner because he was embarrassed that people looked at him and made fun of the “fat guy”—now I’m standing up front and leading people who are sweating and working out to a Beachbody workout program. I am alive and loving it!

My Life Was Once a Series of “I Can’t Do Thats”—Now It’s “How Can I Do MORE?”

By Meghan Kehoe, 2011 Million Dollar Body Game® Grand Prize Winner

Before and After Photos of Meghan K.I was always a heavy kid, and after experiencing an abusive situation in my preteen years, I turned to food to cope and began gaining weight. When I got married in 2004, I weighed almost 250 pounds and wore a size 22 wedding dress. I hid behind baggy clothes and had very little self-confidence. I was depressed and felt hopeless, and was growing apart from my husband because I felt so bad about myself. I settled for less in every aspect of my life because I did not feel like I deserved anything good.

My only good times were our annual trips to Disney World. Even then I had to Google which rides I would fit on, and wear special shorts under all my clothes to prevent a rash from my skin chafing. I dreaded the water park because I needed to wear a swimsuit, and I couldn’t parasail or go horseback riding with my husband because I was over the weight limit.

My husband and I desperately wanted to start a family, and after a few unexplained miscarriages that just sent me straight to the fridge or the drive-through, I headed to the doctor. I was on the borderline of adult onset diabetes, not to mention the high blood pressure. The doctor then told me I had developed polycystic ovarian syndrome, a hormonal imbalance that causes infertility, weight gain, and facial hair growth. I had hit rock bottom; I felt completely defeated. The doctor told me my only chance at motherhood and survival was to take off the excess weight in hopes that it would balance my insulin levels and hormone levels.

My doctor offered surgical procedures like gastric bypass or the lap band, but neither of those options felt right to me. I truly felt the only way I would achieve long-term success would be to finally take responsibility for myself and do the work on my own. I had a gym membership, but being so large, I was intimidated by the weight room. I worked closely with my Team Beachbody Coach to select a program. Since muscle toning was imperative to my overall success, she suggested ChaLEAN Extreme.

The program has completely transformed my body and my life. I am able to do things I never thought possible. I take pride in my appearance and love shopping, now that I can shop anywhere. I no longer worry about fitting on the rides at Disney; I am now the first in line. For the first time, my blood pressure is normal and I don’t have to worry about diabetes. Whereas my life was once a series of “I can’t do thats,” now I am constantly looking for ways to do more!

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