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TRN is now Thrive

January 30, 2013 –

If you have noticed, I have not been blogging alot as of late. That is because I have been busy completely revamping this community.


When I started my journey back in December 2009, I had no foresight into what impact it would have on me. Similarly, when I started coaching in November 2010, I looked at it as a casual hobby. When i was thinking up a team name, I thought about the Van Halen song that motivated me through the first 90 days, “Right Now”. So I created my 1 year transformation around that song.

Why Change?

As my focus has become more and more on the coaching aspect, I want to create a different kind of community. And I could not get the word “Thrive” out of my head. Days and weeks went by and just would not go away. So I knew this was the right name. And it was the theme that I wanted to embody us.

Stop Surviving. Start Thriving. 

 What Now?

I am in the process of bringing up our new website. So I am not ready to unveil it yet. Everything else remains the same and Mike is still here as he has always been!

I am excited to bring you my new vision, so stay tuned as I will be unveiling our new website shortly!!

38 Responses to “TRN is now Thrive”

  1. Steve S says:

    Looking forward to the new site. Keep up the great work and articles.

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