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2011 BB Summit-Day 3

June 18, 2011 –

Another jam packed day. From 7am to 10:30pm.   I did videotape again today so slowly but surely I will make the content available. Iamcompletely spent tonight, so I am going to make this as succinct as possible.

1) Killer Killer Killer Workout this morning. The crowd was stretched all across LA Live Plaza to the front steps of the Staples Center. There is a reason Chalene, ShaunT, and Tony are the superstars. They just have that special something. Picture below is courtesy of Chris Garrett who was up nice and close! See at the bottom of the post for clips of the workouts.

2) Chalene Johnson had a really great talk this morning that I videotaped.

3) I attended (2) workshops: one on time management with Craig Holiday and one on Shakeology with the cocreators. Both were awesome. I videotaped the Shakeology one. Just a fantastic session. You can feel the passion oozing from Isabelle and Darin’s pours on Shakeology. Other quick Shakeology news:

– Darin and Isabelle did state that they are working on a VEGAN Shakeology. Given the current variant has Whey Protein (which comes from dairy), it is not VEGAN.

– Isabelle and Darin are constantly looking at things to add to Shakeology. Obviously, the fomulation process takes time.

– Glycemic Index testing on new TROPICAL is coming back from the lab in a month. Dr. Bill Wheeler, BB Chief Science Office, is expecting it to come back the lowest of the 3 flavors.

– They found that the current Shakeology has 2g more protein than on the bag. And Chocolate is 148 calories, so they will be rounding up to 150.

– Bill discussed how many other companies actually bill into their business model that they will be sued over the fact that the ingredients listed will not match the actual product. Government says 90% of ingredients must be present. (Seems off.) Anyway, Shakeology guarantees 100%! Its all about quality people!

4) We had the awards celebration tonight. You will see many of the awards in the slideshow. One piece of news. The 2012 Success Club Trip will be at the Atlantis in Nassau and Chairman’s Adventure (which is in France this year) will be in Tahiti next year! Here was the video used to announce Atlantis.

5) Night ended with a party, but I was so spent I had to leave.

I am ready for Day 4. Tony will be talking about P90X2. And then it is off to the airport. Enjoy today’s slideshow.

June 20, 2011 – UPDATE

Here is some of the live SUPER workout from Carl Daikeler’s You Tube Channel (He is the CEO). And yes, I actually can see myself during Debbie Seiber’s part!


Brett Hoebel

Tony Horton

Chalene Johnson

Debbie Siebers


June 29, 2011 – UPDATE

This was the video they showed before announcing Josh Spencer as the 2011 Top Coach.

3 Responses to “2011 BB Summit-Day 3”

  1. Hung Tran says:

    Great job Mike! Felt like I was there!

    – Hung

  2. Coach Indo says:

    Another great one!!

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