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Asylum Nutrition Plan

April 29, 2011 –

No matter how hard the workouts are, I find that the hardest part of a program for most people is the nutrition plan. This is a critical component in what I call the “3-legged stool”: exercise, supplements, and nutrition.

Asylum comes with its own “Get Shredded” nutrition plan. I have been following a healthy nutrition plan since December 2009, so I feel fairly comfortable with designing my own program. I am not saying there is anything wrong with Shaun T’s plan. In fact, I follow alot of what he details out. He outlines some key principles that are extremely important. I believe that if you just follow these, you are already well down the path to better nutrition.

1) Eat Frequently – at LEAST 5 times a day

2) Go Light at Night – Yup. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one of your largest.

3) Limit Your Portions – When you start measuring what an ounce is, you will be amazed how much you were actually eating before.

4) Eat Lean – See #5

5) Carbs are Cool – I lump #4, #5, and #9  together as they all drive back to the golden rule of what to eat: Whole Grains, Lean Protein, Fruits, Vegetables, and Healthy Fats. Carbs are not evil, they are critical for our body. But choose good carbs like whole grains.

6) Avoid Dairy – I never set out on my diet plan to eliminate dairy. In fact, I LOVED cheese. However, I noticed that I was eliminating dairy by just watching what I was eating. I prefer the taste of Almond Milk now and I rarely have cheese. I suggest giving this a try. I don’t think you’ll miss it as much as you think.

7) Hydrate – This is very simple. Drink Water. Drink Water. Drink Water. No Soda. No Carbonated Beverages. Water. I will have a Vitamin Water Zero if I want some flavor, but for the 30-day Asylum CHALLENGE, I am only drinking water!

8 Limit Alcohol – In moderation, alcohol is okay. We all like to have a glass of wine or a beer once in a while. However, abstain from all alcohol to maximize your results.

9) Don’t Fear Fat – See # 5. I have written an entire blog with supplemental articles on Healthy Fats.

10) Supplements – Shaun lumps another leg of my 3-legged stool into one of his principles. This is a long topic, but for this workout, I’ll keep it simple. You NEED a recovery drink.

Shaun outlines a 1500 or 1800 calorie plan and some great sounding recipes. I have been on a 3100 calorie plan for almost a year, but I am going to try and get really lean and decrease my caloric intake to 2400-2500 calories. My guidelines are to keep my fat component to <15% and have my protein and carbs be close to 50/50 of the rest. So 42.5/42.5/15.

I am 5 days into this plan. So how are things going?

My average caloric intake this week was 2430 calories with a split of 43/45/12 (43% Protein, 45% Carbs, 12% Fats). I followed a similar meal plan every day and I want to share that with all of you.

Meal #1 – Post Workout

I use the word meal lightly here. This is my morning Post Workout Supplement which consists of P90x Results & Recovery Formula and Beachbody Strength & Muscle (Creatine). I am using the New & Improved version that uses dextrose and has less sugar. For more on the N&I version, click HERE. I have cut my intake of P90x R&R to 1 scoop. So far I have been fine, but I will probably go back to 2 scoops after this 30 day Challenge.

Meal #2 – Breakfast

After my post workout, I get ready for the day which gives the supplements the required 30 minutes to appropriately get absorbed before my next meal.

– 8 Scrambled Egg Whites. I buy the liquid egg white cartons. 8 eggs whites = 1 Cup

– Cantaloupe (1 Cup)

– Organic Whole Wheat Toast (1 Slice)

– 1 Tbsp PB2 mixed with 3/4 Tbsp water spread on my toast (Don’t know what PB2 is? Wow, are you missing out! :) See my review HERE.)

Meal #3 – Morning Snack

I look forward to this around 10:30 – 11:00 everyday! I make this before I go to work and then put it in a 40oz Thermos. It works perfect and keeps my shake just like it was when I poured it out of the blender. You can see me make it below in my You Tube clip.

– 1 Scoop Chocolate Shakeology

– 1 Scoop GNC Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Chocolate Whey Protein.

– 1 Scoop Shakeology Boost – The Fiber

– 5g of L-Glutamine Powder

– 1 Tbsp PB2

– 16 oz of Water + 15 ice cubes

Meal #4 – Lunch

For lunch, I have been sticking with an all vegetarian salad. Shaun has this meal as an “all out veg out”. I agree! I add beans to give me some good carbs (and protein) along with avocado and oil olive for some healthy fats.

– 2 Cups Lettuce

– My Favorite Veggies (Mushrooms, Zucchini, Squash, Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers)

– 3/8 Cup of Beans (Kidney, Garbanzo, and/or Navy)

– 1/2 Avocado

– Dressing = 2 slices of squeezed lemons and 1 Tbsp of Olive Oil

Meal #5 – Afternoon Snack

Around 3pm, I’ll grab another snack.

– Small Organic Braeburn Apple (my favorite, although Honeycrisp is good too.) I thank my wife for introducing me to these two varieties!

P90x Peanut Butter Peak Performance Bar. I am now getting the New & Improved version, so there is less sugar. Read more about the N&I version HERE.

Meal # 6 – Dinner

I keep dinner very simple and stick to some lean protein and vegetables. This is the only meat I have during the day.

– 7-8 oz of lean meat. I have been having skinless boneless chicken. However, I also had some nice lean boneless pork chops one night. I am a big fan of the meat at Whole Foods. I have been trying to reduce my intake of meat. So when I do have some, I buy really good meat that is vegetable-fed, no GMOs, locally grown, etc.

– 2-3 Cups of Vegetables. This week, we had Broccoli and Green Beans in the house.

A couple of nights this week, I made myself another Shakeology, but kept it plain with just water and ice. If you want a little kick, put in just a tiny bit of Peppermint Extract. YUMMY!!

Meal #7 – Post Dinner

For my final meal of the day, I make a protein shake. I usually make it with a frozen banana, but I have eliminated the fruit for these 30 days. .

– 8 oz Almond Milk

– 8-10 Ice Cubes

– 2 Scoops GNC Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Chocolate Whey Protein.

So, there you go. That is what I have been eating. I was a little nervous decreasing my caloric intake from 3100 since I have been at that level for so long. But I am not hungry. I am not bonking during my workouts. And other than getting an unrelated head cold this week, I feel great. If you have ANY questions about diet, please shoot me an email @ I am not a registered dietitian, but I believe I can offer you some helpful guidance.

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  1. Coach Wayne says:

    Great review! And thanks for sharing your diet in such detail! I appreciate all the work you put into sharing your tips with others.

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