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End The Trend

July 12, 2011 –

This is a very important topic for me. People wonder why I spend so much time blogging and trying to help people build a healthier lifestyle. It is a lot of time and I sacrafice my free time and even time with my family.  I have a full time job. Why all the time and effort?

Well, this is it. The mission at Team Beachbody and our mission as coaches is to End the Trend of Obesity. There is no nice way to put this, the United States is in serious trouble. Some interesting facts:

1) The Terror From Within – In 2006, 28 Americans lost their lives to terrorism. In that same year, 112,000 people lost their lives to obesity.

2) Preventable Death – Last Year, Obesity took over Smoking as the leading cause of preventable death

3) The Financial Cost – The financial burden of the rising generation to obesity related health care costs is estimated to rise to $4 Trillion! That is $1 out of every $5 spent in America.

And if you are not convinced yet, I am posting a few clips that will hopefully lay it out for you. Now, I do not want this post to be a downer. In fact, this should give you confidence we can end the trend. So I have included a great speech by Brett Blake from the 4th day at Summit in which he discussed how Ending the Trend of Obesity is not only possible, but possible within Team Beachbody. But more on that later. First, take a look at this simple chart that shows the obesity levels (BMI >30)  between 1985 and 2009.

Now, where are we today? Unfortunately, America is continuing to the downward spiral. This clip from ABC News is a great report that highlights the challenges that not only U.S. Adults are facing, but also our children. (ABC has disallowed embedding the video, so when you click below it will bring you to YouTube.) If you haven’t seen my review of “Killer at Large”, I would recommend reading that as well. Just click HERE.

So what next? Do we just give up and become like citizens in the movie “Wall-E”? Far from it. The most important thing is that we vote every day with what we pay for at the grocery store. The (3) common ingredients in most processed foods is Sugar, Fat, and Salt! You want to learn how to eat better? The folks at are here to help. I did a 3 part series that will help us make better food choices. To see Part II that talks about how we make better choices at the grocery store, click HERE. I try and keep it simple and just focus on the rule of 5.

1) Vegetables

2) Fruits

3) Lean Proteins

4) Healthy Fats

5) Whole Grains

And where does Team Beachbody come in? Brett Blake, SVP of Team Beachbody, talked about this at Summit. What is the first thing we do with an overwhelming problem? We break it into small pieces. Brett talked to one of the country’s largest health insurance companies about this. They said that there would no longer be a health care crisis in America if we could find a way to change the habits of just 1% of the US population, which is about 3.5M People.

So let’s start there. 3.5M People. Here is where the power of Team Beachbody comes in. If just 43 coaches at Team Beachbody were able to get 2 new coaches per month in which they got 2 new coaches per month and so and so forth, then we could end the trend in 16 months. Now if every coach at summit (2500 to be exact) did the same thing, we could end the trend in 10 months! We CAN make a difference and the power of duplicity is why this organization truly has the power to end the trend of obesity. I encourage you to listen to Brett’s entire speech below. This is why I do what I do. If you want to join me in this critical crusade for America, contact me HERE. If you are already sold and want to join the team, click HERE.

To be very clear, we need YOU. We cannot do it alone. But through the power of duplicity, we can start America on a new path and stop this downward spiral!

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