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Food & Health

May 7, 2011 –

This is Part II of my blog series that has been inspired by If you have not read Part I, entitled “Nourishment”, CLICK HERE.

Today’s topic is  FOOD & HEALTH. These two things are symbiotic in almost every way. Our health is reflected by what we eat. As I said in  Part I “Garbage In / Garbage Out”. But how do we feed ourselves better when there is a minefield of poor food choices out there? How do we change our lifestyle and get the energy to fight against the avalanche of fat, sugar, and salt in everything!

There are alot of great clips below, but there are a few I really want to draw your attention to because they answer these questions along with many others.


The supermarket can be a very difficult environment to navigate if you are trying to eat healthy. As I have said before, I have wanted to eat healthy in the past. I would even look at a label or two. But ultimately, I gave up. I threw up my hands and felt defeated by the food industry. It has been such an unbelievable personal achievement for me to be able to feel success after leaving a super market. And you can too. Michael gives some great tips in the video.

Remember, supermarkets are run to make money! They want you to buy the most profitable items which are usually at eye level. Go in knowing what you want. The best rule of thumb is very simple. Stay on the perimeters and spend alot of time in the produce section! Stay out of the middle if you can!


There are so many foods that are high in sugar and fat that it is not surprising that the body gets addicted to them. As a result, over time we get wonderful ailments like diabetes. Your food choices today are determining what your health and quality of life will be tomorrow. Wake Up People!! Take control of your destiny and nourish yourself with the best foods possible.


Americans pay less for food as a percentage of income than anyone else in the world. 10% vs. 15-17% in Europe and 40% in some developing nations. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Look at these statistics:

– 1960 – Americans spend 18% of their income on food and only 5% of the national income was spent on healthcare

– Today – Americans spend 9.9% of their income on food and 16% of the national income is spent on healthcare

Do we see a trend? Pay me now or pay me later! And unfortunately, the pay me later is not only coming in the form of heath care costs, but decreased productivity and ultimately lower quality of living.

When you look at it in the long run (which is hard for all of us living in an immediate gratification society), the solution seems so obvious.


This is a great short clip on WHY fat laden foods are cheaper than natural food. Doesn’t it cost more to process food than to just pull something from the ground and eat it? Ultimately, this comes down to pure economics of who the government is subsidizing.


Why are whole foods better? Dr. Nadine Burke talks about how our bodies were made to consume whole foods. Processed foods remove nutrients and ultimately put food in a state that is less than optimal for our body. Is it better to eat an Orange or drink processed Orange Juice. Eat the Orange…

Michael Pollan: Supermarket Secrets

How do you make healthy choices at the supermarket? Food journalist Michael Pollan helps us navigate the grocery store to find fresh, whole foods.

Nadine Burke: Wake Up!

How has our habit for junk food contributed to an epidemic of obesity and diabetes? Pediatrician Nadine Burke discusses the consequences of eating food high in sugar and fat.

Michael Pollan: No Free Lunch

What’s the link between cheap food and expensive health care? Food journalist Michael Pollan explains the relationship between what we spend on food and the rising cost of health care in America.

Michael Pollan: Twinkie vs. Carrot

Have you ever wondered why a bunch of carrots costs more than a package of Twinkies? Food journalist Michael Pollan connects the dots between food policy, high-fructose corn syrup, and our health.

Nadine Burke: Whole and Healthy

Why is whole healthier? Dr. Nadine Burke discusses the difference between processed and whole foods.

Nadine Burke: My Food Journey

Learning how to nourish ourselves doesn’t happen overnight. Dr. Nadine Burke discusses the evolution of her eating habits, and how she learned that eating well can actually be fun.

Multiple Voices: In Season

Have you ever eaten a freshly picked strawberry in the height of its season? Farmer Nigel Walker, Dr. Nadine Burke, and others share why eating seasonally is good for your body and the planet—and it tastes better, too!

Jamie Oliver: Herbs

You don’t have to be a master chef to make simple foods taste great. Jamie Oliver discusses how to spice up any dish with just a few fresh herbs.

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