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From Farm to Fork

May 8, 2011 –

This is Part III of my blog series that has been inspired by If you have not read Part I, entitled “Nourishment”, CLICK HERE or Part II, entitled “Food & Health, CLICK HERE.

Today’s topic is  FROM FARM TO FORK. Understanding the source of our food is a real mindset change for many of us. Most people just dont ask themselves “Where does my food come from?”. And there are many elements to think about as we answer this question.

The first step to answer this question is to look at what you are eating. If it is natural, it is somewhat obvious. But if it is mix of ingredients or something that is processed, it becomes more challenging. Michael Pollen reminds us that everything comes back to the soil.  In fact, a significant number of ingredients in Shakeology are from foreign soil because of how rich it is in nutrients.

The second step is to think about where it came from. This comes back to Eating Local. The video below explains all the great reasons to eat local.

1) Support your local farmers

2) Reduce the fuel consumption to transport your food.

3) Support the farm land around you so it stays farm land.

Finally, think about when this food was in the ground. If the food is full of preservatives, good luck. :) If it is fresh and all natural, you can be pretty sure that it was something that was grown recently. And for me that is satisfying and really makes me feel good about what I am eating. I know this is not possible all the time, but make an effort when you can.

Final Thoughts

The importance of these topics have grown as part of my food journey. For many, this topic may be too much right now. I would have ignored all this stuff prior to my transformation. But just as I have improved my workouts, I have worked on my nutrition. And it doesn’t all come at once. It is a journey and I am now 18 months into mine. And maybe this kind of thing just doesn’t make a difference to you. If I have at least got you to think about it more than you did before reading this article, then I did my job and the great people behind NourishLife have done their job.

Michael Pollan: From the Soil

Eating offers us an intimate connection with the soil. Food journalist Michael Pollan describes the nutrient cycle that starts and ends with dirt.

Michael Pollan: Food Chain

Understanding the story of our food means tracing its path from seed to table. Author Michael Pollan explains the biology and ecology of industrial and sustainable food chains.

Michael Pollan: Why Eat Local?

Food journalist Michael Pollan encourages buying local food to conserve energy, support farmers, and preserve the natural landscape.

Jamie Oliver: Apple Seed

One apple can feed one person, but an apple tree can be shared for generations. Chef Jamie Oliver describes the magic of seeds.

Nigel Walker: Saving Seed

For centuries, farmers have saved and shared seeds to preserve flavorful, unique, and resilient varieties of fruits and vegetables. Organic farmer Nigel Walker explains the process of saving heirloom seed on his farm.

Multiple Voices: Farmers Markets

Food and community come together at the farmers market. Farmer Nigel Walker, chef Bryant Terry, and others celebrate the joys of buying fresh, local food direct from the farmer.

Multiple Voices: In Season

Have you ever eaten a freshly picked strawberry in the height of its season? Farmer Nigel Walker, Dr. Nadine Burke, and others share why eating seasonally is good for your body and the planet—and it tastes better, too!

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