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My P90X Peak Performance Bar Review

February 27, 2011 –

This is a quick update on the P90x Peak Performance Bar Review. Beachbody has gone and improve the formula recently and I want to ensure you were all made aware of what has changed!

– The sugar content has been lowered. (9 grams of sugar has been removed)

– By reducing the sugars, you improve the flavor.

– Previous bar had a higher glycemic index. the new bars are in the middle of the glycemic index.

– The Chocolate Peanut Butter now has crisps which gives a crunchy flavor.

– The key thing no athlete misses is a meal. The bar serves as a great way to have a meal in between bigger meals.

Click here to download an MP3 of Beachbody Chief Science Officer, Bill Wheeler discussing the changes I highlighted above.

Nutritional Facts Differences

Here are the changes on the nutritional facts

Ingredients               NEW        OLD

Sodium                  220mg         200mg

Fiber                       2g                  1g

Sugars                    16g              24g

Thiamin                  15%             20%

Biotin                     20%            15%

Phosphorus             15%            10%

Does it taste different?

I wish I could tell you I have tasted them myself, but I have such a stock pile of old bars that I have not had to buy new bars yet. However, I have talked to numerous people and no one has complained.

December 3, 2010.

I really like protein bars as my mid afternoon snack. I have one everyday. They are very transportable and always get me through until dinner. I used to always get hungry in the mid afternoon. I’d hold myself out and then overeat when I finally ate dinner. Bars help fill in the gaps between meals and help you achieve eating that target 5x a day. Remember, you should NOT be hungry during the day!

There are so many protein bars out in the market; you have more than enough to try. I tried a couple of brands (Muscle-Tech and PureProtein) and they were okay. In all honesty, I thought this was the one thing I really didn’t need to buy from Beachbody.

However, I bought a box of the Chocolate Peanut Butter to give them a try. Well, I really like the taste. In fact, I like the taste more than any other bar I have tried. I tried the Chocolate Fudge and Wild Berry, but I keep coming back to Chocolate Peanut Butter. So, this has become a staple of mine.

The P90X bar has 20g of protein and is 270 calories. When you choose a bar, compare the nutrition. Some of these bars have really high calorie counts, but most have 18-20g of protein.  I know many people who like other brands. Everybody has different taste buds.

I look forward to this everyday at 3pm. You can definitely get bars that are cheaper, but for me, this is my chocolate fix. So I am willing to spend a little bit more for something I really like the taste of.

12 Responses to “My P90X Peak Performance Bar Review”

  1. Kim Larsen says:

    Mike, do you have any recommendations for lower calorie protein bars that you like?

  2. Coach Mike Coach Mike says:

    Kim, It is tough to find a protein bar under 200 calories. However, there are some out there, but they typically are lower in protein. GNC has a Lean Bar that is 160 calories with 9g of protein. There is also a bar from EAS called Myoplex Lite that is 190 calories with 15g of protein. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried either so I cant tell you how they taste.

    Also, a great low calorie, good protein option is Shakeology. 140 calories and 17g of protein along with an unbelievable amount of other goodies. (See my review for my full report.) If you would like a sample, let me know. I just got my single packet servings in!

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