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My UPDATED P90x Peak Performance Bar Review

February 27, 2011 –

This is a quick update on the P90x Peak Performance Bar Review. Beachbody has gone and improve the formula recently and I want to ensure you were all made aware of what has changed!

– The sugar content has been lowered. (9 grams of sugar has been removed)

– By reducing the sugars, you improve the flavor.

– Previous bar had a higher glycemic index. the new bars are in the middle of the glycemic index.

– The Chocolate Peanut Butter now has crisps which gives a crunchy flavor.

– The key thing no athlete misses is a meal. The bar serves as a great way to have a meal in between bigger meals.

Click here to download an MP3 of Beachbody Chief Science Officer, Bill Wheeler discussing the changes I highlighted above.

Nutritional Facts Differences

Here are the changes on the nutritional facts

Ingredients               NEW        OLD

Sodium                  220mg         200mg

Fiber                       2g                  1g

Sugars                    16g              24g

Thiamin                  15%             20%

Biotin                     20%            15%

Phosphorus             15%            10%

Does it taste different?

UPDATE – APRIL 16, 2011

I finally ran out of my old P90x bars and got my first shipment of the new Peanut Butter bars. I am very happy to report that they still taste great. I like the little crisps they put in there as well. Less sugar and the bars still taste awesome. Well done Beachbody!

December 3, 2010.

I really like protein bars as my mid afternoon snack. I have one everyday. They are very transportable and always get me through until dinner. I used to always get hungry in the mid afternoon. I’d hold myself out and then overeat when I finally ate dinner. Bars help fill in the gaps between meals and help you achieve eating that target 5x a day. Remember, you should NOT be hungry during the day!

There are so many protein bars out in the market; you have more than enough to try. I tried a couple of brands (Muscle-Tech and PureProtein) and they were okay. In all honesty, I thought this was the one thing I really didn’t need to buy from Beachbody.

However, I bought a box of the Chocolate Peanut Butter to give them a try. Well, I really like the taste. In fact, I like the taste more than any other bar I have tried. I tried the Chocolate Fudge and Wild Berry, but I keep coming back to Chocolate Peanut Butter. So, this has become a staple of mine.

The P90X bar has 20g of protein and is 270 calories. When you choose a bar, compare the nutrition. Some of these bars have really high calorie counts, but most have 18-20g of protein. I know many people who like other brands. Everybody has different taste buds.

I look forward to this everyday at 3pm. You can definitely get bars that are cheaper, but for me, this is my chocolate fix. So I am willing to spend a little bit more for something I really like the taste of.

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