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My UPDATED P90X Results & Recovery Formula Review

February 27, 2011 –

This is a quick update on the P90x Results & Recovery Review. Beachbody has gone and improve the formula recently and I want to ensure you were all made aware of what has changed!

– The formula now contains dextrose as the sugar as opposed to fructose. Dextrose is the glucose which is the actual sugar that the muscle cells use to replenish and get energy.

– The formula now contains only all natural flavors and Sweeteners.

– It is extremely important to use P90x R&R within the 1st hour of working out. You will improve your workout results, reduce muscle soreness, and replenish nutrients that you have been expended in your workout.

– The importance of this formula is that it contains a balance of both protein and amino acids.

– Contains Vitamin C and E as antioxidants (Reduce Muscle Soreness and Increase Muscle Metabolism)

– Contains both Simple and Complex Carbohydrates.

Click here to download an MP3 of Beachbody Chief Science Officer, Bill Wheeler discussing the changes I highlighted above.

Nutritional Facts Differences

There are a few improvements in the nutritional facts, all which head in the right direction. Here are the changes as you look at the back of the tub.

Ingredients        NEW            OLD

Total Fat               1g                 2g

Cholesterol        20mg          30mg

Potassium         155mg         147mg

Total Carb          40g               39g

Sugars              26g               36g

Calcium               6%                 5%

Phosphorus        9%                 7%

Obviously, sugar is a BIG reduction and that is due to the primary change from fructose to dextrose.

Does it taste different?

The first thing on everyone’s mind is whether it tastes different! Let’s be honest, the recovery drink tasted really really good. I am happy to say that I cannot taste athe difference between the old formula and the new. It still tastes fantastic.


December 3, 2010.

I did not start my P90X journey with P90X Results and Recovery Formula, but it didn’t take me long to jump on the wagon.

To get through these workout and progress week to week, you need to fuel your body. You are not going on a diet. You are burning serious calories and working hard.

After about two weeks, I realized how much I needed a good post workout supplement. I tried P90x Results and Recovery Drink and have not looked back. It tastes fantastic and although Tony relentlessly plugs the drink in his videos, he is right. Sometimes you do the workout just to have the drink. :) I look forward to this after every workout.

Why do you need a post workout recovery drink?

Folks, you are not doing light exercise. This is hard work. You are digging down and pushing your body to the max. When you do that, you need to replenish the body with critical nutrients that you lose while working out. Listen to Mark Sisson talk about it below:

What is in it?

This formula contains the optimal 4-part carb to 1-part protein required post workouts. Here is what the drink offers:

– Simple and Complex Carbohydrates for optimum energy recovery and to help reduce muscle soreness.

– A high per blend of protein provides building blocks for muscle repair and growth

– Generous levels of vitamins including the antioxidant vitamins C and E to help reduce muscle soreness and assist in repair and growth

– A small amount of Creatine (500mg) to boost performance without adding bulk. For reference, when buying Creatine off the shelf, a typical serving is 5g.

When should I take it?

P90X Results and Recovery should be taken immediately after you work out. There is approximately a 60-minute window of opportunity immediately following exercise when muscle cells are maximally primed to repair, rebuild and adapt from an exercise.

See my short video on my post workout nutrition:


I highly recommend this drink. Although it does not eliminate soreness in the early days, it does reduce it. I also feel better after I take it. If you do not use this formula, I suggest you find a good 4-part carb to 1-part protein recovery drink.

7 Responses to “My UPDATED P90X Results & Recovery Formula Review”

  1. Hoops Jardine says:

    I’m surprised that you didn’t notice a difference when switching from the “old” formula to the “new” formula. I found the transition to be VERY noticeable.

    Initially, the new formula felt harsher in my mouth, with almost a metallic after-taste. I didn’t like it at first, but then the taste quickly grew on me.

    I’ve since tried the old formula again, and I now much prefer the new one.

    Weird how our bodies (and tastes) adapt. And very quickly!

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