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10 Mile Run Results

May 28, 2011 –

The reason I needed to start the ASYLUM CHALLENGE earlier than May 1 was because I wanted to finish the 30 days before my 10 mile race today. I finished Asylum on May 26, did some Yoga X on May 27, and did my run on May 28.


I really did not do significant training as I wanted to see what ASYLUM would do for me. 1.5 months before I started ASYLUM, I did 12 runs over 6 weeks. My training block was designed to get my mileage up. The longest I have ever run before in or outside of a race was 8K (5.1 miles). So I needed to double my mileage. I did one long slow distance (LSD)run per week and one shorter (<5 miles) per week. For my LSD run, I gradually increased my mileage week over week. I started at 8K the first week, then moved to 10K, 12K, 8 miles, and finished with a little under 9 miles in subsequent weeks.

Then the ASYLUM CHALLENGE started on April 25. I did 4 runs during these 30 days with my longest being 7 miles. Now, if I was only doing training for this race, I would have probably run 3-4 times per week. But I wanted to put ASYLUM to the test. When I did the original Insanity, I ran a 5K right after I finished that 60 days with no running intertwined in my training. My results? I ran the fastest 5K of my life.

Team Salute

I had a post about Team Salute. I ran for this organization and they really took care of us. They had a tent set-up in the mezzanine of Soldier Field. We could leave our bags there and had some good pre-race fuel. This is truly a phenomenal organization. There is a reason they are present during the Memorial Day run as they have a unique mission for military families.

SALUTE, INC. passionately pursues meeting the financial, physical and emotional needs of military service members, veterans and their families. We strive to raise awareness of their sacrifices and provide a safety net to ensure every military family is treated with honor and dignity.

I will also be running for Salute for the Chicago Triathalon. To sponsor me and donate to this wonderful cause, head over to my page HERE.

Ready to Go!

The race starts just outside Soldier Field, goes south down Lake Shore Drive and then you turn around and head back. For the first 5 miles, you actually run on LSD, while on the way back you run on the bike path along Lake Michigan. You finish on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field. Way Cool!

There were 15K people registered for the race this year. It was in the upper 50s and overcast. In my opinion, perfect running weather. Here is a picture at the starting line.

The Race

I honestly did not know how I was going to do. With so few runs under my belt, it was a crap shoot. But I was very relaxed and remembered Tony’s famous words: “Don’t be married to the outcome.” It’s not like I was going to win the race, so my goal was to enjoy it and have fun running along Lake Michigan.

I kept a 10 minute mile pace as I didn’t want to burn out. My HR was in the 140s and frankly i felt I could push it harder, but I held back. Also, my right knee has been giving me some issues so I didn’t want to aggravate it early in the race.

Here is a picture of the turn, just short of the 5 mile mark.

I really felt that I was keeping my energy up. I was taking (1) Clif Shot Blocks before each water station and I really give those little nuggets alot of credit for keeping the energy coming. As I hit mile 6, 7, 8 I was surprised how much I had left in me, so picked up my pace slightly. However, when hit mile 9, I figured it was the time for me to lay it all out. I really picked up my pace and by the time I saw Soldier Field again, my HR was in the 160s and I felt great.Here is a pic of Solider Field in the distance. Home stretch time!

I was really looking forward to the final stretch alongside Soldier Field, running through the tunnel and finishing on the 50 yard line and seeing myself up on the Jumbotron. I had taken a video, but it didn’t come out very good as Sprinting and taking video don’t go well together! LOL. But here are some pics entering the tunnel, exiting the tunnel, the finish line, and the view after the finish line!


So how did I do? Here are the official results.

Distance – 10 Mile

Time – 1:36:30 (The winning time was 49:59!).

Pace – 9:39

Placement – 6,013 out of 12,276 finishers

I honestly felt I could have run a half marathon today. It was such a good run for me. My goal was a 10 minute mile, so the fact I beat that makes me really happy. This is also a great proof point for the results you get with ASYLUM. Cross training makes you a better runner! If you read my P90X and Running post, Tony talks about how so many runners break through plateaus by using P90X, building their upper bodies, working resistance in their lower bodies, and strengthening your core. Well, ASYLUM does that too! And I think I am proof that these programs will make you a better runner! Honestly, my bigger focus was on the ASYLUM CHALLENGE over the past 30 days. But look at how that program prepped me for this run, without actually running!

For many seasoned runners, my time sure didn’t break any barriers. And while I love to run, I have never been a competitive runner. It has been more a recreational sport for me. So given this is the first time I have ever run 10 miles in my entire life, I want to tell ShaunT his program kicks ass! :) I know pushing through the past 30 days was the difference between losing steam those last 2 miles vs.¬† busting loose like I did.

ShaunT. You are the man! Thank You!

14 Responses to “10 Mile Run Results”

  1. Ric says:

    Awesome pics! Great cause! Congrats on your run and results!

  2. DEREK says:

    Congratz mike strong run , i myslef am a runner and i used asylum for my 21km goal was to break 2hours and i finshed in 1hour 53min also the combination of asylum and insanity took off 15minutes off my 10k!!!! im at 44min55sec now , great work mike

    • Coach Mike Coach Mike says:

      You are smoking me Derek! Great work! With just finishing Asylum, I almost looked at this race as a rest day! LOL. I had no expectations and just wanted to have a good time. I was so surprised as to how much i had left at the end. Some of the hardest people to convince of the benefits of cross training are runners. Typically, we feel that run to improve, we just need to run more. Well, we have proof that shows that is not the case! Asylum Works!! Do you have any other races coming up? I am doing my first triathalon in a month, so that should be fun!

  3. DEREK says:

    Hey Mike , i couldnt agree with you more . I wouldnt call myself a runner but i do participate in local races here in canada i usually do 2 10k races per month and have done 2 1/2 marathons . To be honest i never trained like a runner i dont do speed work i dont do intervals and i dont run hills , i get out 1-2 a week and i run anywhere from 10km – 20km each run , i look at the asylum as my speed work and my hill work , comon workouts like vertical plyo and speed and agility is golden for runners were working our legs and our heart rate is at 85% most of the time so i dont see a need to run 30mile weeks. my next race is this sunday 10km my personal best in the 10km is 44.55minutes will see if i can beat it , for now im doing the insanity / asylum hybrid and running longruns on sunday 15km+

    so whats next for u mike?

    • Coach Mike Coach Mike says:


      Good Luck on Sunday! I definitely would love to hear how you smoked this race post Asylum!

      I will be doing a post shortly on my next 30 day training block, but it will leading up to my first triathalon at the end of the end of June. It is more of a sprint distance. And then I have the big boy at the end of August. Olympic distance in the Chicago Triathalon.

      I am running for Salute again for the Chicago Tri so another great race for a great cause.

      • DEREK says:

        Nice Mike! triathlon is an unbelivable accomplishment i wish u best of luck with that i cant wait to see ur next 30day block. will u be adding actual biking and running days or u think the cardio from asylum and insanity does the job?

        • Coach Mike Coach Mike says:

          Derek, I have (2) Life Days, Yoga, and 3 days of actual triathalon cardio. One day is dedicated to bike, the second day is brick workouts (bike / run), and the third day is swimming. I will probably revert to Insanity if the weather doesn’t cooperate. I do have a treadmill for the run, but biking and swimming are more challenging. I will post my full 30 day block this week. I just finished mapping it out last night!

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