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100 / 30 / 20 (1-on-1, Vol 2)

August 2, 2011 –

You can see my complete Volume 2 post HERE. You can also download the worksheets for this workout and all the Volume 2 workouts HERE

Disc 10  – 100 / 30 / 20

Length: 46 minutes

Target Muscle: Cardio, Abs, and Chest

P90x Replacement: Chest & Back (Partial) and Ab Ripper X

My Recommendation Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Jump Rope, Power Stands, and Mat

100 / 30 / 20 is 8 rounds of fun and excitement. :) Each round consists of 100 Jumps over the ole’ Rope, 30 Crunches, and 20 Push-Ups. Tony usually keeps things either cardio or resistance in his workouts. This one is interesting because it does bring in both elements.

Tony mentions that this is a great workout for Power90 graduates and I would agree. This may actually be a little on the lighter side for those who are hard core P90X grads. I am not saying that 160+ push-ups is easy, but there is enough rest in between where I was not feeling pushed to the limit until the last round where you max out your reps.

Given that Upper Body Balance focuses on Chest and Abs, I am surprised that Tony chose to do another routine with a similar focus. Now in defense of the two workouts coexisting, Upper Body Balance is a much harder routine with all Push-Ups on Balls as opposed to this routine using Power Stands. In general, the Ab moves in this routine are easier as well. Many are from Power90 fame.

For P90X grads, I think this would be a great workout for a recovery week. This is where I fit it in. It is tough to fit into a normal training block given its unique muscle groups. However, if having two back routines (Chest & Back and Legs & Back) is too much Back workout for you, then this could be a nice replacement for Chest & Back.

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