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Asylum-Back to Core Preview

April 23 , 2011 –

I am doing a dry run of all the Insanity Asylum workouts before our May 1 ASYLUM CHALLENGE start. I will do a full Insanity Asylum Review after my 30 days, but I want to provide my initial impressions.

BACK TO CORE is a very unique workout. It is unlike anything I have done before. Why? Because I have never worked my back so heavily without using dumb bells or a pull-up bar. Your back is on fire during this workout! It is such a great tool for all of us because the back is not an easy muscle group to work. It is also not a popular muscle group to work. If you go to a gym, I will bet you that 8 out of 10 guys are working their chest, shoulders, or arms (aka the glamor muscles). But the back is so critical to our overall fitness, health, and strength.

The good news is that unlike SPEED & AGILITY and VERTICAL PLYO, BACK TO CORE kicks down the cardio component of the workout. My average BPM was only 107 for the 45 minute workout. But do not fear! (Like you ever did.) Shaun T makes you Dig Deeper in other arenas.

The workout starts with a warm-up that consists of 4 exercise done twice, mostly jacks and squats. Then we move right into the workout which consists of 12 exercises. There are no water breaks or dedicated stretching, but there is a cool down.

There are some really cool moves in this workout and there are some isometric holds (like “Rotator Split Lunge”) that will just light up your back. But my favorite move is the “Swimmer Band Exchange”. As I start my training for my triathalon races this summer, this exercise will allow me to really build my back up for swimming. Essentially you are swimming on land and as you perfect your form of bring your arms under your shoulders, your can feel your back getting demolished. Who knew a move like this could hurt so bad?!

Given the light cardio nature of the routine, this would be a good one to add on a supplemental routine. Perhaps OVERTIME or maybe a run outside.

This is one that you can definitely track your reps given the pace of the workout. My workouts sheet is available  HERE. (I have shown a preview below.) I believe my challenge on this one will be constant improvement in form even as the burn kicks into full gear!  Once I have completed all the Asylum workouts, I will compile into one file like I have done with my other workouts.

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