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Asylum Challenge Winner!

June 27, 2011 –

Today, ShaunT picked the winner of the ASYLUM CHALLENGE. We have been talking about this since the middle of April. So today, the conclusion is finally here! Let’s again look at our awesome teamRIPPED video vs. the Xcellent Fitness Video. This is what ShaunT used to judge the outcome.


Xcellent Fitness

And so without further delay, here is the email from ShaunT to Coach Wayne (Our upline coach and the head of teamRIPPED) and Joel (the head of Xcellent fitness)

“Man, this was a tough tough tough decision! First of all, I can’t believe that everyone involved in this competition was so COMMITTED! It was truly and honor to watch so many people and families take it to the next level and focus!

Team Xcellent! You were able to show your power, speed, agility and strength and the progression of that. Not only that but I saw the passion behind your movement and that is a hard thing to translate through video. Trust me! I know 😉 I am truly honored that you dug deep for you first and for me second. Sharing YOUR journey made me feel empowered and humbled. It also gave me the confidence to continue to do what I do 😉

Team Ripped! Sports performance to the MAX! ASYLUM is about bringing out your inner athlete. knowing what level at which you’re currently performing and stepping it up a notch to compete against yourself! That, my friends. Is digging deep! I love the results, I love the follow up in regards to the results of the goals you set for yourself and I love the fact that each and every one of you made me feel like I was watching sports center on ESPN! but most of all of loved your ability to propel yourself into the next level of your fitness lifestyle. What came through the video to me was the fact that you were Doing it for you. And the only way for you to fully succeed is to be selfish in knowing that the only way to be able to inspire is to lead by example. Well, you all inspired me!

With that said, this decision is really tough! I almost hate being in this position because trying to decide a winner is apples and oranges. All of you are individual winners. All of you stepped up to the plate and hit a home run. So congrats to all of you for that!!!!!

However TEAM RIPPED, you seriously took the sports performance message to a whole new level. In sports performance the most important part of your ability to win is training! You showed me both! You trained hard and showed me what you accomplished! SUPER PROPS TO YOU!

Thank you all for being a part of my journey! You know when first began this fitness journey I was happy with the fact that I could change one person’s life… Now I have all of you, and many more, to continue the message of making life healthy FOR ONES SELF!

Thank you,

Shaun T”

Way to go teamRIPPED! Those of us who went through this together were a tight nit bunch who talked daily on a Facebook Group. It was alot of fun and we are all talking about the next challenge!

If you haven’t seen my full length Asylum Video, check it out here! I had alot of fun creating it!

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