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ASYLUM Unboxing!

April 17, 2011 –

I want to show all of you MY unboxing of Insanity:The Asylum. I bought the basic kit as I didn’t need another pull-up bar. However, to see all the variants, check it out HERE. So check out my video and if you feel pumped up, JOIN US in the ASYLUM CHALLENGE! It starts May 1!
I have alsoincluded the triaing webinar with ShaunT talking about the development and thought process behind ASYLUM. Enjoy!

ASYLUM: Behind the Scenes with Shaun T

Enter INSANITY: THE ASYLUM with the man himself, Shun T. in this featured clip, Shaun takes you behind the scenes on a Coach-only review if the workouts, sharing tools, and retailing tips. Consider yourself warned

9 Responses to “ASYLUM Unboxing!”

  1. Alex says:

    Did you notice you cannot skip the warning now?

    • Coach Mike Coach Mike says:

      It was the first thing I noticed. Very annoying. Well, that one was all about the lawyers. If you are doing a workout program called Insanity -The Asylum, I think it is screaming extreme workout! Did you start yet?
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Alex says:

    Yeah I did the fit test and speed and agility yesterday. I took today off because I had done a whole week of p90x last week and I needed the rest. But I’m kicking it back up tomorrow…strength!

    BTW what do you think of crossfit? I had to do my workout at the gym and some guy came up to me and goes “that looks like crossfit”. I told him I thought crossfit workouts are too short and I prefer insanity/p90x. What about you?

    • Coach Mike Coach Mike says:

      Alex, I tried out “Speed and Agility” unofficially yesterday. I am starting the Asylum Challenge on May 1, but wanted to feel out some of the new moves. I have been doing mostly P90x and the On-on-One series lately along with kicking up my running for a 10 mile race in may and some triathalons I signed up for.

      I have done a little bit of research on Crossfit, but haven’t actually done them so I am far from an expert. Here is my opinion. I have seen the programs Beachbody puts together transform my life. The P90x and Insanity series are phenomenal workouts. I simply encourage people to get out there and get some exercise. if Crossfit works for them. Great we are all accomplishing the same goal. But if people want to know what works for me and what programs I believe, Beachbody is where it is at. I have seen them and felt the power they deliver if you do the work. Does Crossfit have any supplements? That is another thing i like about Beachbody. It is a total solution…Exercise, Nutrition, and Supplements. (And great online support!) What do you think? How many Crossfit workouts have you done?

  3. Alex says:

    I sent you an email but not with the one I have listed in the post

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