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For Legs Review (1-on-1, Vol 2)

July 8 –

I have been doing 1-on-1, Volume 2 discs like crazy to get reviews out to this great team as fast as possible. So be prepared for an onslaught. :) You can see my complete Volume 2 post HERE.

Disc 11 – For Legs

Length: 52 minutes

Target Muscle: Legs

P90x Replacement: Legs & Back (Partly)

My Recommendation Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Chair and a Coin

Okay, so the actual title of this disc is “One-On-One On One Leg for Legs”. Yeah.,“For Legs” is easier to get out. LOL. So this entire routine consists of moves on one leg. So get ready to put your mind in a balanced state.

You know what I like most about this disc? Tony struggled with his balance, just as I did. In fact, he dings himself one push-up for each toe tap. By the end of the workout he is up to 30+ push-ups so he ends up cranking out 50 for good measure.

Tony does have a very long warm-up (9 minutes) and cool down (6 minutes). So the main workout is actually 37 minutes.

The workout does cover all the leg muscles. However, with the balance element you not only work primary muscle groups, but secondary and tertiary as well. With all my triathalon training, my legs are in really good shape. However, I still find these types of workouts leave my legs aching the next day. And sure enough, I had some mild soreness from “For Legs”. It just proves to me that cardio is NOT a substitute for a leg workout. This workout does not even use weights, but it consists of balanced and wide range of motion exercises. You just dont get that from only cardio.

This is a low impact leg workout as compared to something like “Plyo Legs” in Volume 1 or “Base and Back” in Volume 3. So if you try and avoid jumping or plyometric workouts, this one will be good for you!

You can download the worksheet HERE under “Coach Mike Workouts”.

4 Responses to “For Legs Review (1-on-1, Vol 2)”

  1. Coach Indo says:

    I’m gonna have to think about getting this one!

  2. […] One on One, On One Leg! Ironically, this routine has nothing to do with legs. This routine is focused on Shoulders and Arms where all moves are done…you guessed it…On One Leg. But hey, if you want to do One on One, On One Leg – For Legs, we have that routine as well. LOL! (Click HERE.) […]

  3. James Garr says:

    I’m planning on using this in my next P90x hybrid as a Legs and Back replacement, alternating it with Asylum Back to Core. I actually like Legs and Back, but I travel on the fifth day of the week, and these workouts don’t require a pull up bar, so it’s just easier, and I like focusing on one area at a time.

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