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My Insanity – Fast & Furious Review

November 26, 2010 –

ShaunT recently released a new 22 minute DVD called Insanity – Fast and Furious. There is a warm-up with stretching to start out which lasts around 9 minutes. Then you have  ~10 minutes of all out craziness, Shaun T style. Lastly, there is short cool down.

This is a great video if you are running short on time. I would not see this as a part of a standard program. Rather I would use it as a substitute if you are travelling or on vacation with your family. It can also serve as a supplemental workout.  For example, do this workout, then run a 5K run or do Insane Abs.

The key to making this new lifestyle work for you in the long term is to keep mixing it up so you do not get bored. Fast & Furious can provide that variety that you need.

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