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Insanity-The Asylum

November 29, 2010 –

If any of you are on Facebook and “Like” Insanity, you will see that ShaunT just posted a new video on Insanity – The Asylum. I am so pumped! ShaunT says it will be released at the end of February, so that leaves me 90 days for one last crazy HYBRID creation.Great quotes from the video.

“If Insanity is your practice, Asylum is your game!”

“I’m human just like every single one of you. I have the same food issues, same nutrition issues…I am not the god of fitness. But I put myself through Asylum and I really worked hard…for you guys.”

“Everyone focuses on body, body, body. Yes, I changed my body. And yes, I want you to change your body. But before you step into the Asylum, I want you to do the hardest Insanity workout. Do Max Plyo. And I want you to do Max Plyo and I want you to dig SO DEEP. As hard as you can possibly go….Once you connect your mind with pushing your body, that’s when you’re ready for Asylum. Asylum is not for someone who is not ready to step into the game!”

Click on below to hear the full message form the man himself! Who else is completely pumped?

December 28, 2010 Update –

Beachbody just launched a brief trailer for Insanity – The Asylum. Check it out below.  They also just opened up a website that will let you know when it is available. Click here to sign up with your email.

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