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P90x: MC2 Preview 6

March 14, 2011 –

Well P90x:MC2 is well on into production now. Rehearsals are completed for the workouts and production is actually complete on some as well.


P90X: MC2 Rehearsals

We just wrapped shooting day 1 of P90x mc2 (name still pending) and it went amazingly well. But there’s no time to relax as we shoot two workouts tomorrow and will have the entire program in the can before the end of next week. With so much work there’ s precious little time for taking photos, not to mention blogging (though I noticed our CEO Twitted a mid-workout vid cap even though we’ve a staunch “no photos on set” rule), so I’m not sure how many updates I’ll be making–but you might consider following Carl.

Last week our producer Heather (of the not-yet-but-soon-to-be famous “Church wrap”) and I snapped a few camera phone shots of our rehearsals. These aren’t good photos but when you see the final set and action it might be kind of cool to compare that to some down and dirty behind the scenes shots.

pics: below, tony and steve holmsen experiment with some band modifications. you’re going to be blow away by how hard you can work in a hotel room with a band. above, if you want a shirt like i’m wearing you need to finish this program. maybe i’m lying… or not.

below, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with some bands, light weights, and some instability. but don’t get to thinking that’s all there is. our rehearsal space couldn’t find large enough dumbells for this crew.

demonstrating the “edwards variation”, which may or may not make it into the final cut. doesn’t help that this is the last movement of the final complex series of the coup de grâce workout of the program. ouch.

day one went well, duh! have a look at this cast: the stars of P90x plus and a human pogo stick named roberto.

Posted by Steve Edwards

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