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My P90X+ Review (My Life Balance Journey Continues)

November 26, 2010 –

After you finish P90X, you feel like you can do anything. With my life coming back into balance (mind body and spirit) after P90X, I was looking for my next journey. So when I started P90x+ at the end of March 2010, I thought, “No Problem!”. I also liked that the workouts were chopped down by 10-15 minutes. Well, let me tell you that these workouts don’t get easier and they cram more into less time.

I remember the first time I did Upper Plus with Ab/Core Plus. It took me 2 hours to get through. Tony and team move much faster through the exercises than in P90x. Even today, I have to really focus to not press pause, just from a pure logistics standpoint. Writing down your reps/weight and then getting the weights ready for the next exercise.

There are (5) new workouts in P90x+ , which I will go through one by one. You still have some of the original P90x routines incorporated into your workout plan, including YogaX.

Upper Plus

I believe this is the best workout of the five. There are 20 exercises broken down into 4 rounds in 41 minutes. Each round consists of:

–       Chest (Push-Ups)

–       Back (Pull-Ups)

–       Shoulders

–       Biceps

–       Triceps

It is a killer upper body workout. Doing this twice a week really improved my overall strength. Especially, for pull-ups which are a constant struggle for me.

I would suggest making this a part of any Upper Body targeted workout.

Total Body Plus

This is a more intense version of P90x Core Synergistics. Similar to Upper Plus, there are 20 exercises (with one bonus exercise at the end) broken down into 4 rounds in 45 minutes. Unlike Core Synergistics, Tony adds Push-ups, Pull-ups, and some more intense exercises.

This is another one that is tough to keep up with. Personally, I did not like doing it as part of my core workout, but I have enjoyed it as part of my hybrid and usually do it in my Recovery Week.

Similar to Core Synergistics, I believe this is a great workout for overall toning. However, I don’t believe it works as well to build muscle given it works all body parts and does not focus on a specific muscle group.

Abs/Core Plus

I was expecting more of an evolution from Ab Ripper X, but this workout is very different: pull-up bars, weights, and very little time on the mat. There are 20 exercises broken down into 5 rounds in 20 minutes. So you are really moving from exercise to exercise.

At first, I didn’t really like it, but I have grown to enjoy it more over time. However, I think Ab RipperX and the Insanity Ab Routines work your core harder.

Interval Plus

In Training Block 1 and 3, Tony replaces PlyoX with this workout. It is 41 minutes long as opposed to Plyo which clocks in just under an hour.

My heart rate is about the same for this workout as it is for PlyoX.  You do various exercises for 30 seconds a piece. The 1st ten seconds is an easier variation, while the 2nd ten seconds kicks into an intermediate variation, and finally the last ten seconds is the most intense variation.

You end up doing each exercise twice. You do Round 1 and then you reverse the order and come back down for Round 2.

For those not ready for Insanity’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) type workouts, you will really enjoy this as part of your core cardio workout. It keeps you moving while giving you some easier exercises to catch your breath.

Kenpo Cardio Plus

This is a great follow-on to KenpoX. The instruction of the various moves is done and you get right into it.

At 41 minutes, this gets just as good of workout as the original in less time, especially with moves like “The Gladiator”.

Kenpo is always a fun workout for me and if you liked the original, you may like this one even more.


I like P90x better than P90x+. However, I do like the workouts as I build different Hybrid routines. I believe P90x+ is a must addition to your library as you are looking for different routines and bigger challenges and continue your quest of balancing your life through fitness!

You can download all the worksheets HERE.

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