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P90X2 Pre-Order

UPDATED – September 1, 2011 –

You can Pre-Order P90X2 NOW! Click HERE!

July 20, 2011 –

Why is today important? Well, back in 1969 a couple of guys made their first steps on the moon. That was kinda important. :) Actually, I am a real space nut so I do always reflect on this as a special day.

But more relevant to here and now and Beachbody, today is important because our CEO friend Carl Daikeler, let out an interesting Tweet

So there you have it. P90X2 Pre-Orders will start on September 1, 2011. He also tweeted this.

It is all coming together friends. So since we are talking about P90X2, I want to mention a few things.

1) If you haven’t seen the full interview with Tony about P90X2 at Summit last month, you need to check it out HERE.

2) If you want to get a taste for P90X2 and just cant wait until the fall, you need to check out P90X 1-on-1, Vol 3 which contains the genesis of the workouts in P90X2. Click HERE for my full review and worksheets!

3) If you want to do P90X2, but wither want to do P90X again or want to do your first 90 days, you need to PLUG IN and join us at Team Right Now. We will help you every step of the way. Just Click HERE to join for FREE.

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  1. […] Pre-order for P90X2 starts on September 1, 2011. See HERE for more […]

  2. […] Pre-order for P90X2 starts on September 1, 2011. See HERE for more […]

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