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Patience Yoga Review (1-on-1, Vol 2)

July 4, 2011 –

I have given a comprehensive and complete review of Tony Horton’s 1-on-1 Volume 1 and Volume 3 series. Now although there will NOT be a Volume 4 (the series is discontinued after Volume 3), I am going back to review all of Volume 2.

You can see my complete Volume 2 post HERE.

In case you did not catch my Volume 1 or 3 reviews, I want to restate a few things about the 1-on-1 series.

So what is Tony Horton One on One? How does this differ from P90x and P90x Plus? One on One is an unscripted workout with you and Doc Horton. There are no other people working out with him. It is just you and him (and his trusty cameraman Mason Bendewald from Mason Twist fame). You get to see the real Tony and frankly get to know what makes this guy tick. He shares his stories, his opinions, his quirks, his humor, and his vulnerabilities.

I did Beachbody workouts for a year before I started the One on One series, but I know many who use these discs right after completing P90x. One of the things that intimidated me with One on One was that there were no workout sheets, there was no routine to follow, and frankly I couldn’t even tell what muscle groups were being targeted from the disc names.

Similar to what I did for Volume 1 and 3, I committed myself to documenting the Volume 2 workouts and shining a light for others who may be struggling with the same thing I was. This guide should help you decide if which discs you want to buy.

I not only documented the exercises, but also organized it in a way that shows you the rhythm and cadence of the workout. I have given individual reviews for each disc below as well as the following information:

– Length

– Target Muscles

– Routine: Rounds / Exercises

– Recommended workouts to replace in P90x

– My Recommendation Rating (out of 5)

– Equipment Needed

Lastly, I have put all the trailers in place for your convenience.

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Disc 3 – Patience “Hummingbird” Yoga

Length: 36 minutes

Target Muscle: Total Body

P90x Replacement: Yoga X

My Recommendation Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Yoga Mat

I have some good news and bad news for those who dislike Yoga. First, the good news. It’s the shortest Yoga routine out there (36 minutes). Now the bad news. One of the reasons you probably dislike Yoga is because it is so slow. Well, this is Yoga…in slow-motion! Tony moves extremely slow through this routine.

If you have done Yoga X, you will be familiar with all the moves. There is nothing revolutionary on this disc. Frankly, it is really the pace and the overall calming atmosphere that Tony creates that makes this different. In the beginning of this disc, it is positioned as humorous banter between Mason and himself. However, as the disc goes on Tony is serious in his meditative state.

One thing I do like about this disc is its length. At 36 minutes, I could actually use this as a supplemental workout. For example, my first go around with this disc was done after a 60 minute run outside. Now I am all for a good old fashion 90 minute Yoga routine every once in a while. (I actually really enjoy Yoga.) But depending on my training routine, I may not want to use one of my six workout days for only Yoga. So this disc will allow me to have a good 45-60 minute workout and still get in a strong 30+ minute Yoga routine.

I with hold the 5th start because there are really no new moves. But this does give me the a 4th Yoga option (Yoga X, Volume 1 – Fountain of Youth, and Volume 3 – Yoga:MC2) I also recommend you see my post that discusses the great benefits of Yoga HERE.

6 Responses to “Patience Yoga Review (1-on-1, Vol 2)”

  1. Coach Indo says:

    I’m with you on the Yoga X–it just ties it all together! I haven’t done this one, but I like the Fountain of Youth disc!!

  2. dave says:

    I agree that this is a good supplemental workout. At first, I was disappointed. Being used to a 90 minute Yoga workout, I felt that this was too short and left me wanting more. However, if you do this in addition to another workout, as you said, it is a great way to get in some Yoga work while not dedicating an entire day to it. To keep the workout under an hour, I’ve combined this with Insanity’s Fast and Furious for a good Yoga/Cardio combo.

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