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Triathalon Results

June 26, 2011 –

It’s 4am and my alarm is telling me to get up so that by mid morning I can call myself a triathelete. Running a triathalon is something I have wanted to do for a long time. (See HERE for my background in each sport.) As I signed up for the Chicago Triathalon (Olympic Distance), I knew I was going to need a shorter (and smaller) triathalon first.

So I decided to enroll in a local triathalon in Palatine, IL. I used to fish in this lake as a kid so I felt a little nastalga. Now here I was swimming in it!

As you know, I had completed Insanity РThe Asylum in late May. So, I had 4 weeks to build on top of the great foundation Shaun T gave me to prepare for the triathalon. See my 4-week P90X / Insanity / Triathalon Training  and Nutrition program HERE.

It was a gorgeous morning. We couldn’t ask for a better weather. This particular triathalon was a little longer than the standard Sprint distance:

Swim – 700 meters

Bike -14 miles

Run – 4.5 miles

Having never raced in a tri, I came into the race with no expectations. I was not married to any outcome. I simply wanted to have fun. After all, isn’t that what this is all about?

God gave us an absolutely gorgeous morning. The water was 78 degrees.¬† The sunrise gently reflected off the steam coming off the water. Not a cloud in sight. Many didn’t even wear their wetsuits, but I did for the added buoyancy. I was in Wave 7 and I got into a great rhythm early on. It was not too crowded and I felt strong. Frankly, I had only been able to swim two times in a pool along with a short open water practice swim yesterday morning. Another great example of how the ASYLUM came through. The “BACK TO CORE” workout definitely prepared my back for this.

I have never really biked long distances. The last time I did anything over a few miles was probably 17 years ago. In fact, I had just bought a bike last year and I had a whopping 35 miles on it 4 weeks ago. My bike greatly improved over the past 4 weeks of training. We have alot of hills in my area so I was generally happy with a an average of 15-17 mph. There was alot of gear switching in my training and it was challenging to really get in a cadence. The great news about the actual course today was that it was flat. So, this felt like a welcome relief!

Out of the (3) sports, I have kept my running up and I had just finished a 10 mile race 4 weeks ago. My “Brick” workouts had been getting better and I felt my runs were getting stronger. However, even I was surprised by my time today.

So here are my final results. It was a great race and now have 2 months until the Chicago Triathalon. Stay tuned for how I lay out my next training blocks.


Total Male – 142 of 259

Male (35-39 years old) – 19 of 34

Total – 184 of 424 Total


700m Swim – 12:39 (1:48 / 100m pace)

Swim to Bike Transition – 2:15

Bike – 48:07 (18.1 mph pace)

Bike to Run Transition – 1:50

Run – 37:21 (8:18 mph pace)

Total Time – 1:42:11

I would like to give a special thanks to fellow TRNer Steve Langer. Steve and I work together and was a tremendous resource for me as I entered my first triathalon. Thanks for all the information and guidance Steve. Now we move onto Olympic Distance!

The participants are gathering!

My Transition Area

I’m ready!

The Swim – 700m around the island

The Last Few Paces to the Finish Line

Showing The X at the Finish Line!

Fellow TRNer Steve and I

4 Responses to “Triathalon Results”

  1. Steve Langer says:

    Coach Mike, as you know, I finished up P90x mid May and spent the past 6 weeks building up endurance in biking (read: getting comfortable on the hard seat again), running and swimming, in prep for Twin Lake Tri today. Different this year, normally I’d be starting in January, 6 months of swim/bike/run, swim/bike/run, but when I joined the team, we talked about P90-ers who train for races via P90x primarily. We rolled the dice, jumped in, and today I had great fun, improving a lot from last year. The strength in my core has made a ton of difference in my biking & running. I did not know it for sure until today. Glad we decided to take the plunge. Today I saw my fitness has really improved from a year ago, this feels great. Thanks.

    • Coach Mike Coach Mike says:

      You had great times today Steve! I think your PR for this race. Great swim, great bike, and your best run ever!

      You definitely showed me how it is done. Thanks for all your help!

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