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Ultimate Asylum Worksheets

May 1, 2011 –

As we start out the Insanity ASYLUM Challenge, I have spent alot of time creating the best ASYLUM workout sheets I know how to. These sheets allow you to see how each workout is organized and hence understand the methadology behind how each one was constructed.  I have included sheets for all workouts you should be tracking. This includes:

– Athletic Performance Assessment

– Measurements

– Speed & Agility

– Vertical Plyo

– Strength

– Game Day

– Overtime

– Back to Core

One of the other things I have included is the 30-day Asylum Tracking calender. I have added “Relief” onto every workout in case you feel you need it! I also have posted my own 30-day Asylum Tracking calendar. I am following the standard asylum 30-day program, but have added some P90x supplemental workouts for more abs and have added Yoga for my rest days.

So go ahead. Download the ULTIMATE Insanity Asylum Worksheets below. I have also posted them permanently in “Helpful Downloads” under Coach Mike Tips

Insanity – Asylum ULTIMATE Worksheets

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