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Ultimate P90x Worksheets

April 1, 2011 –

We have alot of new members starting P90x within the past 30 days. As I looked back on the material Beachbody provides, the place I believe they feel short was with the workout sheets. Looking back on my 1st 90 days, I had stuff written in the margins and on the back. Some workout sheets are not even included in the *.pdf (like Core Synergistics).

I have developed comprehensive workout sheets that allow you to seeĀ  how each workout is organized and hence understand the methadology behind how each one was constructed. See a screen capture of one at the bottom of this post. I have included sheets for all workouts you should be tracking. This includes:

– Chest & Back

– Shoulders & Arms

– Ab Ripper X

– Core Synergistics

– Chest, Shoulders. and Triceps

– Back & Biceps

One of the things I really liked about Insanity was that they gave you a daily tracking calendar with each workout you were supposed to do for that day. Additionally, they included a nice box to put a big red “X” in when you completed it. (That always felt so good.) So I have created one of these for P90x as well. I notice that many beginners do not get that Ab Ripper X is actually done 3x a week the same day as your resistance routines. Now with these sheets, it is crystal clear. As with previous tracking sheets, I also believe it is critical to track your heart rate, so I have included places for that as well.

So go ahead. Download the ULTIMATE P90x Worksheets below. I have also posted them permanently in “Helpful Downloads” under Coach Mike Tips

Click here to download the Ultimate P90x Workhseets.

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