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Upper Body Balance (1-on-1, Vol 2)

July 25, 2011 –
You can see my complete Volume 2 post HERE. You can also download the worksheets for this workout and all the Volume 2 workouts HERE

Disc 12 – Upper Body Balance

Length: 53 minutes

Target Muscle: Chest and Abs

P90x Replacement: Chest & Back (Partly)  and Ab Ripper X

My Recommendation Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Stability Ball, Basketball, Medicine Balls

This is the last disc in Volume 2 and it is well placed there because this really provides the bridge into Volume 3. The push-up exercises in this routine are very similar to those in Chest, Back & Balls on Disc 1 in Volume 3. 4- Ball, 3-Ball, 2- Ball Push-Ups. Stability Ball Push-Ups. And even the “Impossible” Push-Up where your feet are on a stability ball and your hands are on a basketball. (In Volume 3, he changes the name he “Possible” Push-Up). I was actually quite proud that I got 10 in a row today which was my personal best.

Between each Push-Up you get an Ab Move. There are some moves that he eventually put into Volume 3 ARX2 like Row Your Boat, Boat Scissors, and Oblique Roll Crunch. However, a new move call Superman V-Up was way cool and way hard.

If you are not quite ready to start adding Pull-Ups on top of an already really hard Push-Up routine, this is your disc. I would say it is easier than Chest, Back, and Balls because Abs are much easier than Pull-Ups. However, if you want to see what P90X2 is going to be like, skip this disc and go right to Chest, Back, and Balls.

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