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December 9, 2010

One of things that attracted me to the P90x program was the great variety it offered. I wanted to learn how to do Yoga, but I didn’t want to do just Yoga. I wanted to learn how to do Kenpo, but I didn’t want to do just Kenpo. It was really best of all worlds.

As Tony says, “Variety is the spice of life.” This is what keeps things interesting and exciting. Personally, I find doing the same thing over and over again boring. Furthermore, you plateau and don’t progress your fitness.

In the past, I felt like if I switched something up, I would lose what I had gained. If I don’t keep doing the same routines, I wont improve. After spending 90 days with P90x and 90 days with P90x Plus, I spent 60 days on Insanity. I was nervous to walk away from P90x because I thought that I would lose so much of what I had gained. And in all honesty, I did lose a little bit of upper body strength, but I gained so much more! I made humongous strides in my cardio and endurance. And I lost another 4% body fat.

When I went back to P90x, I was making it through workouts that I couldn’t before. I was doing the hardest versions of the exercises in Plyometrics X. I quickly regained strength that I lost. And I incorporated Insanity into my P90x routine to give me an unbelievable 90-day hybrid. Now I am really getting into Tony’s One on One series.

So what’s the point in all of this? Switch it up. Have fun with it. And make sure it stays interesting for you. As you get familiar with the workout routines, you will be able to make your own workout plan. And your goals may change every 60-90 days. Add bulk? Lose body fat? Improve Cardio? This is a journey and it is up to each of us to make it as fun as possible. Not only will it keep you coming back for more, but it will prevent plateauing and keep your fitness and health moving forward.

5 Responses to “Variety”

  1. MICHELLE says:

    I absoloutely agree. I finished p90x and started a hybrid mix as well. Replaced Kenpo and Cardio X with 2 insanity workouts (which after 8 weeks, i still cannot finish one). Now when i do kempo is seems so easy, when before i thought i’d never get through it. My husband is doing round 2 of p90x and loves it. Bought him p90x plus for xmas!

    • Coach Mike Coach Mike says:

      A Beachbody Christmas. I like that! :) Hopefully, he will find my P90x Plus review helpful.

      Insanity is tough and I have had alot of people ask me if it gets easier. The real answer is “No”. Just as you get stronger, you push yourself more and still end up exhausted. One tip for measuring your improvement. See when and how long you are resting. I remember I felt really accomplished when I only had to rest in between circuits. Then one day I pushed myself and went straight though.

      The most important thing is to keep at it! Great job Michelle!

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