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Thrive in 2013

JANUARY 7, 2013

What is the “Thrive in 2013″ Challenge?

This is not your run of the mill challenge. This is a true solution to being healthy and fit! And this will be the start of a lifelong journey no matter where you are today. The key is to START!

  • It’s about PROGRESS not PERFECTION.
  •  It’s about saying NO to someday and YES to RIGHT NOW.
  • It’s about RECAPTURING YOUR LIFE BALANCE from the forces and demands that pull on you everyday. (MIND. BODY. SPIRIT.)
  • It’s about having a COMPREHENSIVE PLAN with a SIMPLE FORMULA that has worked to produce countless success stories, including me.


Take a look at the video to learn more about what this challenge! And…in case you haven’t guessed it…I am your coach. :)

Why use Beachbody Products for the Challenge?

You may or may not have heard of Beachbody. But you probably have heard of P90X and Insanity. Beachbody is a $600+MM company who produces the top fitness programs in America, along with world class nutrition. Additionally, they have over 94,000 (and growing) coaches who help people like you everyday.

Beachbody has a vast catalog of workouts that range from the beginner level to the extreme. However, what is most important about these programs is nutrition. This is the life changer. And this is where we need support the most.

Shakeology will be a critical tool that we will use to help you along your nutritional journey. It will be 1 of your 5 meals everyday. Here is a great video that talks about the 70+ ingredients in Shakeology, including many of the amazing superfoods from around the world.

Where will the Challenge Take Place?

When I decided to start my journey back on December 20, 2009, I was doing alot of International travel for my job. And I know many of you travel alot as well. Well, here is the great news. These programs can be taken anywhere you are. I got very creative at rearranging my hotel rooms. :)

You are all very busy people. In order for something to be sustainable in the long term, you need it to be convenient. And you can’t get more convenient than your family room, basement, hotel room, or wherever you are. You do not need alot of space and you do not need alot of equipment. In fact, many programs that use a bit more equipment show “minimal equipment” options.

How and When Will the Challenge Be Run?

I have a Facebook Group setup for everyone in the challenge to keep motivation flowing and to maintain accountability . Additionally, as your coach, I am 100% available to you over phone, text, email, or any other medium. I am here to help you achieve your goals!

As a member of the team, you will receive weekly newsletter and be plugged into this website for new blog posts and videos. There is wealth of knowledge on this site! From how to track to your calories to how you plan when you are traveling. It’s all here because I have lived it!

We will all start on Monday, January 7! I would like everyone to have their program in their hands on Monday, December 31 so we all have a week to get orientated and make our plans for the following week. Planning will be a critical component in your success. If you are a bad planner, don’t worry! I will help you! That is why I am here.

How Much Does the Challenge Cost?

A gym in my area was offering a 4-month Personal Trainer Package for just under $2,000. And that is not counting the gym monthly fee and a nutritionalist. The cost of these programs are extremely reasonable and range from $160 to $310. All of the details on cost and what the Challenge Pack includes are at the bottom of this page!

Which Program Is Right For Me?

These are all great programs and Beachbody has a terrific tool that compares all them. You can access it by clicking on the picture below. They highlight the workout times, benefits, and how the program works.

While I can teach anyone to modify even the hardest routines, starting out at an extreme level can be discouraging if you have not been physically active in a long time. Additionally, you need to look at what workout suits your tastes. Dance, Cardio, Boot Camp, Resistance, Variety of Workouts?

I have done ~80% of these workouts, so here is my personal take in terms of difficulty and what category they fall in. All Highly Recommended programs are in Bold Blue

Beginner to Intermediate

  • Power 90 (90 Day program) – The predecessor to P90X and a great 90 Day program filled with cardio and resistance. Many people who aren’t ready for P90X start here and then move into P90X for their next 90 Days. Highly Recommended
  • Hip Hop Abs – Focuses on Abs/Core set to Hip Hop Dance.  
  • Brazil Butt Lift – Specialized workout focused on your butt. 
  • Slim in 6 (6 week program) – I Highly Recommend for those new to fitness or have not worked out in a while. Very popular for women. 
  • Turbo Jam – Cardio Burning set to music. More dancy, but popular with woman. 
  • Body Gospel – Faith-based program. 
  • Tai Cheng – Learn 18 Tai Cheng Movements. This program is geared for ANY Level. 
  • 10 Minute TrainerThe ultimate time buster. Great cardio and resistance workouts. Highly Recommended.
  • Rev Abs – Focus on Abs / Core
  • Chalean Extreme (90 Day Program) – Muscle burns Fat! Geared towards woman for resistance training, with some cardio as well. Highly Recommended
  • Les Mills Pump (90 Day program) – The at-home version of “Body Pump” that is offered in gyms. Barbell based using the Rep Effect. Fun and great workouts. Highly Recommended. 
  • Les Mills Combat (60 Day program) – The at-home version of “Body Combat that is offered in gyms. Minimal to no equipment required. This is the latest program from Beachbody! Highly Recommended. 

Advanced to Extreme

  • P90X (90 Day program) – There is a reason it is the #1 Fitness Program in America. It is hard, but it works! Great versatility with strength, cardio, and yoga. It was the start of my transformation. I am now a P90X Certified Trainer so  I specialize in this program. It is still my favorite program. Highly Recommended
  • P90X2 (90 Day program) – For those who have successfully completed P90X! Awesome program for those well on there fitness journey. Get ready to take instability into your workout! Push-Ups on 4 Medicine Balls anyone?
  • Insanity (60 Day Program) – All you need is a good pair of shoes to get Insane. Boot Camp Style Program that gives killer results, but you need to work for them. There are High Impact moves so if you have bad joints, I don’t recommend it. For those who are in decent shape, get ready to feel what being in shape really means. Highly Recommended
  • Insanity – The Asylum (30 Day Program)- After you have graduated from Insanity, get ready to enter the Asylum and take your sports performance to the next level. 
  • Turbo Fire (90 DayProgram) – A graduate program for Turbo Jam. Very popular with ladies. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) takes your cardio and your body to the next level! Highly Recommended
  • Body Beast (90 Days Program) – There is one mission for this program…build muscle mass! Heavy Focus on Weightlifting and Muscle Hypertrophy. 

Nutrition Only

  • The Ultimate Reset (21 Day Program) – A phenomenal program to start. The Ultimate Reset will allow you to focus 110% of your energy on what you put in your mouth. The Ultimate Rest is an oil change for your body. This program is a great predecessor to ANY program. Take 21 Days to reset your body and learn how to fuel it correctly. Then you will be primed and ready to go to add in a workout program! Highly Recommended


Shakeology is a critical component of all the Challenge Packs (except Body Beast). There are 4 Flavors of Shakeology and you may be wondering which flavor to order. I have been drinking Shakeology every day for 2.5 years. Here is my take on the 4 flavors. 2 flavors use Whey-Protein while 2 flavors use Plant-Based Protein. If you are lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy, I recommend the Vegan formulations
  • Chocolate (Whey-Based) – I Highly Recommend this flavor for your first order. This is the most popular flavor. 2 of my 3 kids prefer this one with a a TBSP of Peanut Butter.
  • Greenberry (Whey-Based) – There are people who like this  flavor, but I am not one of them and do not recommend it!
  • Chocolate Vegan (Plant-Based) – More of a dark chocolate taste that the Whey-Based version. This is what I use, but I admit it can be an acquired taste for some.
  • Tropical Strawberry Vegan (Plant-Based) – Great flavor. Very fruity and tastes great with other fruit thrown in. My wife and daughter prefer this flavor. This would be my second choice as I drink this on occasion as well.
Whn you order, you will have the choice of Shakeology in a Bag or in Packets. A Bulk Bag has 30 servings and while the individual packets are convenient, you only get 24 servings. Given they are the same price, I always recommend buying the 30 Servings Bulk Bag. If you are traveling or just want one serving, just put it in a zip lock.

It’s Time To Take Action and Change Your Life!

There is 30-Day Money-Back Guaranteed on all the products, including Shakeology. You can finish the entire bag and if you are not 100% satisfied, you will get a full refund. So there is no monetary risk.

Someone once told me that “Struggle is Less Painful Than Regret“. Starting Your Journey is never easy. I called this team, “Team Right Now” because one day I said “Enough is Enough”. I said, “I am taking my life back now!” It all starts with that one step. It all starts with kicking over that first domino. And it all starts RIGHT NOW!

Whatever your goals are, we can accomplish them together. I am your biggest fan and will help you get up when you fall down and celebrate when you  achieve another milestone. I believe that we are not here just to survive. I believe we are all here to thrive!

If you havent done it yet, Click on the Orange Banner. Let’s get you the tools you need and start a new journey! A healthy journey! A lifelong  journey!

Here is a recap of my first year. It all begins by committing to start! It all begins RIGHT NOW!

*If you have any questions or are still not sure what program is right for you, please contact me at

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