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Team Webinars, Calls, and Other Resources

When you become a coach, there are an incredible amount of resources at your fingertips. However, I wanted to pull some of them out and post them here on Team Right Now so you can get a flavor for the type of material available.

The Game Plan

This is the foundation to your business plan and the proven technique that has worked for thousands of coaches. You will learn more on each of these points as you get up and running.  You can also hear the Game Plan Podcast by clicking here.

Team Webinars / Calls with Coaches on our team (Josh Spencer, Barbie Decker):

Josh’s Thursday Night Business Opportunity Webinar:

Josh and Barbie Talk Show (Every Monday at 1:00 EST):

Josh and Wayne Call (9/8/2010):

Your Team Beachbody Back Office

In your teambeachbody coach office, under the “News & Training” tab, click “What’s New” and you will have access to the weekly National Coaches Call, the message of the month, and all sorts of webinars and calls.  You NEVER have the excuse that you don’t have access to great tips and training.  It’s EVERYWHERE in your back office!!  Take advantage of it!  Learn from the best!

Here is National Coach’s Call from October 2010 in which our upline coaches gave their feedback on what has worked for them. Click here to listen.

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