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P90x 1-on-1 Hybrid

February 16, 2011 –

I was at my one year anniversary. I had completed P90x, P90x Plus, and Insanity by the book and in their entirety. I tried my 1st Hybrid creating a focus on Upper Body. (For my Hybrid I – Upper Body Blaster review, click here.) So, now what?

As you create any Hybrid, you need to ask yourself what your goals are. Well, for me it was to introduce new variety. This is what keeps you coming back every day. You need to make it interesting. So, I took the leap and dove into Tony Horton’s 1-on-1 series. He has completed (2) full volumes and we are currently in volume 3. The 1-on-1 series is an unscripted workout with you and Doc Horton. There are no other people working out with him. It is just you and him (and his trusty cameraman Mason Bendewald from Mason Twist fame). You get to see the real Tony and frankly get to know what makes this guy tick. He shares his stories, his opinions, his quirks, his humor, and his vulnerabilities.

1-on-1 is a subscription service, so you get a new disc every month. I bought the entire Volume 1 season which ran from July 2008 through  June 2009. Additionally,  I bought all the current Volume 3 discs which started in July 2010 and subscribed to receive future discs that will run through June 2011.

In order to do this Hybrid, you will need the same discs. I have written extremely comprehensive reviews on both Volume 1 and Volume 3.  I have also included worksheets for every disc! Click here

My Conclusion

I love the 1-on-1 series. Frankly, it is a switch from a very scripted workout with a cast. It took me some time to create the worksheets and get a an idea of the cadence of each workout. In fact, the final Hybrid  posted below is a very slightly modified from the one I did because I did not have certain discs when I went through it.

The resistance workouts are really great and if you read my Volume 1 and Volume 3 reviews, they are just top notch. I do feel I lost a little of my cardio as  did Insanity at most one day a week. However, I do feel stronger and more durable (as Tony would say).

At some point, I will get Volume 2 as well, but with Insanity Asylum coming out in March, I know that will be my next hill to climb. Until then, I am creating a short Hybrid that brings in TurboFire as well! And then we have P90x:MC2 coming out at the end of the year (which 1-on-1 Volume 3 is a precursor to). And I have some triathalons I have signed up to race in this summer. So, I have PLENTY of variety already in store for me through the whole year!

Ins and Outs of My 1-on-1 Hybrid

When I created this Hybrid, I created one week centered on Volume 1 and one week centered on Volume 3. The key in creating any Hybrid is to ensure that you are covering the total body for resistance (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Legs, and Core). Then I fill in the other 3 days with Yoga, Plyo, and what I call a floater cardio day.

I also created this as a 10 week Hybrid with 4 weeks on, a recovery week, 4 weeks on, and another recovery week. Why? Just to be different! This is the structure Insanity uses, so I thought I would reduce the number of training blocks from 3 to 2, but increase the weeks in each training block from  4 to 5.

For the Recovery Weeks, I targeted (3) Total Body Workouts for the resistance days. For Mammoth UML, you use no weights and for Power90 Road Warrior, you use one band. But make no mistake, these are not easy! They are not Chest, Back & Balls tough, but they do create a slow burn to muscle fatigue which is exactly what you want in your recovery week.

Below I have detailed out the Hybrid routine and you can download the charts here. Again, I would encourage you to read my Volume 1 and Volume 3 reviews as you look through the training block structure

I hope you enjoy it and it gives you some of your own ideas on how to create your own hybrid so that you can accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself!


Week 1,2, 6, 7

Day 1 – Vol1: Thirty Fifteen (Chest&Back) (60m) , P90x – AbRipper X (16m)

Day 2 – Vol1: Plyo Legs (64m)

Day 3 – Vol1: Just Arms (47m), Vol1: KillerAbs (25m)

Day 4 – Vol1: Fountain of Youth (Yoga) (48m)

Day 5 – (Weeks 1, 2) Vol1: Diamond Delts (Shoulders) (37m), Medicine Ball Core Cardio (37m)

Day 5 – (Weeks 6,7) Vol1: Diamond Delts (Shoulders) (37m), ARX2 (47m)

Day 6 – Floater: Run OR Insanity: Max Interval Circuit (59m)

Day 7 – Day Off

Week 3,4, 8, 9

Day 1 – (Weeks 3, 4) Vol3: Chest, Back & Balls (60m) , Vol3:, ARX2 (47m)

Day 1 – (Weeks 8, 9) Vol3: Chest, Back & Balls (60m) , P90x: Ab Ripper X (16m)

Day 2 – Vol3: Plyocide (66m)

Day 3 – Vol3: Shoulders&Arms:MC2 (58m), Vol1: KillerAbs (25m)

Day 4 – Vol3: Yoga:MC2 (63m)

Day 5 – Vol3: Base and Back (51m), Medicine Ball Core Cardio (37m)

Day 6 – Floater: Run OR Insanity: Max Cardio Conditioning (47m)

Day 7 – Day Off

Week 5, 10 – Recovery Week

Day 1 – Vol1: Mammoth UML (57m)

Day 2 – Vol1: Super Cardio 5-6 Plus (47m)

Day 3 – P90X: Core Synergistics (58m)

Day 4 – Vol1: Fountain of Youth (Yoga) (48m)

Day 5 – Vol1: Power90 Road Warrior (54m)

Day 6 – (Week 5) – Vol1: Results 4 Recovery (38m)

Day 6 – (Week 10) – Vol3: Stretch & Recovery (70m)

Day 7 – Day Off

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  1. sim says:

    Awesome hybrid Mike! I’m hoping to get all the One on Ones next year, this will be great to do after X2!

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