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June ’11 Update

June 22, 2011 –

During the 2011 Beachbody Summit, we had different breakout sessions with different speakers. One of my favorite sessions was a 60+ minute discussion between (3) incredibly smart people.

Dr. Bill Wheeler – Beachbody Chief Science Officer

Darin Olien – Co-Creator of Shakeology

Isabelle Daikeler – Co-Creator of Shakeology

They gave us some great insight into new developments of Shakeology and answered many common questions. I was able to grab Darin Olien in a hallway and get a picture with him. I was telling him how much I loved his product when they snapped the picture. Hence, my weird face. LOL!

One thing I came away with from this session is that I will never apologize for the price of Shakeology. This is an absolutely amazing product where “Nature in a Bag” or “the Healthiest Meal of the Day” is not just a slogan.

If you want me to send you a FREE Shakeology sample, go HERE to find out how.

I have created a Cliff Notes version of the discussion below. However, I would highly recommend you watch the full-lengh unabridged version which I have broken up into 6 YouTube Clips below.

New 21 Day Cleanse

There is a new 21 day cleanse that is under test at Beachbody Corporate. Bill Wheeler personally saw his blood cholesterol drop 242 to 119 in 21 days. That is astounding! An a side note, he is also 42 Days into the new Tai Chi program. He can now run up stairs when he struggled to even walk up stairs prior to the program due to surgery he had.

Compromises Other Companies Make

One of the rather intriguing insights I got was from Dr. Wheeler. He has created 6500 different products so he has ALOT of experience. Typically, a company would come and ask him to make a product and he would give them a cost. The business-side would get involve and say he needs to remove, this, that, and the other thing and pretty soon the formula was dilluted.

He stated that without a doubt Shakeology is the most expensive dietary supplement on the market because there are no corners cut.

By law, a company only has to put in a product, 90% of what they put on the bag. Many companies only put 60% of what is on the bag. The theory is that they will never be tested, and if they are tested and “caught”, the fine is a fraction of the profits they have already made. By contrast, Shakeology puts in 100% o f what they claim on the bag! (How many times have I said that you get what you pay for!) In addition to that, they actually put overages in to ensure 100% stays from batch to batch.

Shakeology Nutritional Overages

After numerous tests from batch to batch, Beachbody found that they were undereporting the amount of protein by 2 grams. The formulation did not change, but the tests showed 2g more protein. Because of this, the calories were rounded up from 140 to 150 calories. (The actual number is 148 calories.)

They spend almost $1M per year to test every single batch!! There are simple no compromises.

The Evolution of the Shakeology Formulation

Darin and Isabelle are constantly looking at new things to put into Shakeology. However, it take an incredible amount of time and effort to not only get the formulation correct (i.e. taste good), but also ensure it passes all testing and certification.

Very Complex Formula

It is extremely difficult to keep the 84 ingredient formula consistent given variations of the raw materials. It is the most complex formula that Dr. Wheeler has ever seen (and he has created 6200 products). This product is ALIVE, so it is constantly changing. There are 7 different quality control steps in the manufacturing process. Just Incredible. They also need to account for what consumers do with it: What kind of blender do they use? How long do they blend it? What order do they add the ingredients?

Some New Ingredients in Shakeology Tropical

Coconut Flower Nectar

Coconut is called the tree of life for a reason. In WWII when they ran out of saline and people were bleeding out, they grabbed a coconut and put it right into the veins. Why? Because it prefectly mimcs saline.

No one has really utilized Coconut Flower Nectar. It’s not the water, the oil, or milk. So what is it? There is a flower that grows up and right before it blooms, they cut it off. It is incredible sweet, almost a complete chain of amino acids, electrolytes amongst many other nutritional goodies.

Himilayan Salt

It is over 250,000 years old comes from the Himilayan Mountains. This product has 84 minerals. Salt in this form is not salt as we think of salt.and it provides a perfect potassium to sodium ratio.

Glycemic Index of Shakeology Tropical

Testing is happening now, but Darin believes the testing will come back and show this is significantly lower than the other Shakeology formulas. Given the other flavors are already certified “Low GI”, this is an incredible feat!

Shakeology During Pregnancy

Isabelle mentions that she has it before, during and after her pregnancy. Her doctor is in the process of giving it her stamp of approval. However, I would still recommend consulting your OB/GYN.

Shakeology for Elders

Over 40, you lose about 1lb of lean tissue per year! For a 65-70 year, they have lost 20-30 lbs of lean tissue. They are literally withering up. Most physicians prescribe “Ensure”. Isabelle mentions “That is just crap!” Whether you are a 65 year old grandmother or an NFL quarterback, you have the same protein requirement. Shakeology is the BEST thing they can take.

Shakeology – Vegan Formula?

Yes, they are working on a Vegan Formula! Darin has been working on it for over a year.There will be university testing throughout the end of the year. There is no timeline but Darin thought the beginning of the 2012 was reasonable.

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