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Insanity Asylum Review

June 14, 2011 –

I have written so much about the Asylum over the past month and a half. I wanted to wrap everything up in final review. Enjoy!

The Basics

What is Asylum, who is it targeted for? What comes in box? Everything you want to know about Asylum.

Asylum – Full Details

Asylum – Unboxing Video with a Behind the Scenes with ShaunT

Asylum Workout Previews

I gave detailed previews of each of the workouts. My initial impressions are pretty spot on with my opinion 30 days later. If you haven’t seen this,  check them out.

Speed & Agility


Vertical Plyo

Back to Core


Game Day


Asylum Workout Sheets and my 30-day Plan

I created workout sheets for every Insanity Asylum workout. I just updated them to Version 2 as there were some mistakes on the first version. You can go to that post and download it through THERE.

I modified the provided 30-day workout plan by adding in some additional workouts, namely “Just Arms” from 1-on-1, Volume 1, 1-2 Ab Workouts per week, and Yoga X. If you want to see my 30-day plan, you can download it HERE. You can find it under “Workout Calendars”.

Asylum Nutrition

You can’t follow a program without having the proper nutrition plan. I provided a detail view of my plan for the 30 -days. Also, make sure you read my RESULTS (See below) on some modifications i needed to make.

Asylum Nutrition

Asylum Supplements

The 3rd leg to the stool. (The first 2 are exercise and nutrition in case you didn’t know. :) ) I followed the supplement routine I highlighted in my video with one exception. I was only taking 1 scoop of P90X Results & Recovery.

Asylum Supplements

Asylum Results

And no program would be complete without getting some results! See my detailed results on the link below as well as the video of my journey.

Asylum Results

Final Thoughts

Insanity: The Asylum, Volume 1 is targeted at Sports Performance. And from my results, I believe it delivered. I saw great improvements not only in my Athletic Performance, but in the real world with both my vertical and my 10 mile run. As I am now training for my triathalon, I have also noticed the huge gains I made in Asylum.

One of the downsides I found in the original Insanity workout was that the workouts started to all feel the same. There were nuances, but it was all similar. With Asylum, I felt every workout was very different. “Speed & Agility” vs. “Strength” vs. “Back to Core”. All very different workouts with the same Insanity DNA. I also feel that bringing in weights was a very welcome addition.

The Asylum also uses the agility ladder and speed rope alot. I enjoyed these two additions. The ladder really provided targets for you and let you know when your form was faltering.

I think my biggest surprise was how much stronger my back got. I have done pull-ups for 18 months, but my back is the strongest it has ever been post Asylum. I really take my hats off to the “Back to Core” workout and credit this with my meaningful gains.

I have very few criticisms of the program. However, I do have a couple.

1) The Asylum Nutrition guide provides a 1800 calorie plan. This is way too low for the intensity of these workouts and the people the program is targeted for.

2) I do wish ShaunT had some more arm work in the “Strength” workout. I supplemented with 1-on-1 “Just Arms” as I felt I was not getting enough Bicep work.

No matter what you what sport you want to improve, Asylum has it covered. This is a really fun workout program and if you like Insanity and ShaunT’s boot camp style, then you are ready for the Asylum!

4 Responses to “Insanity Asylum Review”

  1. Leland says:

    i agree about the nutrition plan. i had to design my own. i was at 4.7% body fat when i started. if i ate 1800 calories a day i would look like a twig. the variety was amazing though. definitely didn’t get burnt out on any of the workouts. great post great program.

  2. Coach Greene says:

    Great video, great review, love the Shaun T quote from Vertical Plyo, but whats with the pink walls? LOL I do vertical plyo tomorrow morning . . . Its a beast!!

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