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Asylum-Overtime Preview

April 28, 2011 –

I am doing a dry run of all the Insanity Asylum workouts before our May 1 ASYLUM CHALLENGE start. I will do a full Insanity Asylum Review after my 30 days, but I want to provide my initial impressions.

OVERTIME is tough enough as a stand alone workout. But this is a workout that is a supplement to your primary workout. Just when you thought you had nothing left, OVERTIME drives you to Dig Deeper a little longer.

You have 12 exercises to cover and there is no warm-up or cool down. You start out with 5 cardio exercises to get that heart rate up (in case it had actually dropped from your previous workout). You then get into the meat of the workout. These are tough exercises. “Floor-Up Decoy Split Jumps”, “Floor-Up Power Jumps”, and Tricep Push-Up / Hover” will push you past the point of Insanity. And just to ensure you finish strong, Shaun T demands 10 Pull-Ups and 25 Push-Ups. Seriously, Shaun? This is crazy! He even gives you permission to swear and yell at him! But he says, when you are done, you will thank him for how you feel.

You can download the STRENGTH workout sheet HERE. (I have shown a preview below.) Once I have completed all the Asylum workouts, I will compile into one file like I have done with my other workouts.

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