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Your 1-on-1 HQ

September 4, 2011 –

For those of you who are loyal TRN followers, you know that I LOVE the 1-on-1 series from Tony Horton. For me, this was a much more intimate seriesĀ  that allowed you to see the real TH. No scripts, No Cast. Just Tony and his trusty cameraman / director / partner in crime – Mason Bendewald. Hence, I would like to dub TRN the 1-on-1 Headquarters. We now have anything you want to know about the 1-on-1 series. From equipment reviews to individual workout reviews. From workout trailers to comprehensive worksheets.

To see the complete reviews for each of the volumes, click on the links below:

Complete One on One, Volume 1 Review, Trailers, and Worksheets

– Complete One on One, Volume 2 Review, Trailers, and Worksheets

Complete One on One, P90X Volume 3 Review, Trailers, and Worksheets

I have completed all 36 discs that spanned the 3 years of the series. As I look to build new training blocks, it is becoming harder and harder to decide because I have such an arsenal of great workouts. I have compiled a really useful document that shows all of Tony Horton’s Power 90 series workouts side by side. These include:

– The Original Power 90

– P90X

– P90X +

– One-on-One, Volume 1

– One on One Volume 2

– P90X One on One, Volume 3

To download this extremely helpful summary, click HERE and look for “Tony Horton Power 90 Complete Series Summary”. I have included some examples of the information below.

You can also see reviews of the various pieces of equipment Tony uses in the series.

– Bowflex Dumbbells & Resistance Bands

– Medicine & Stabilty Balls

– Power Stands

– Stud Bar Pull-Up System

– Chin-Up Maxx (Pull-Up Assist)

– ProSliders

If you have ANY question on the 1-on-1 series or any Power 90 workout, please contact me. I have tried them all and they have transformed my life.

To purchase any of the 1-on-1 discs, click HERE

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