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Stud Bar Review

August 24, 2011 –

I have been wanting to install a permanent pull-up bar for a very long time. I have a dropped ceiling in my basement and  I looked at alot of different systems and how I may need to jerry-rig them to make them work. I even asked our buddy Mason Bendewald whether you could buy Tony’s pull-up bar or whether that was custom. As expected, it is custom.

Stud Bar was one I had eyed early on and people on Mason’s page had also suggested it. The question was how I was going to make it work on a low ceiling. Well, I made it work and you can see how in my video below.

If you are interested in Stud Bar, you can find much more information in their website. Just Click  HERE

I can tell you that having a proper pull-up bar has done wonders for improving this area of my fitness. It has made a HUGE difference and I wonder how much better I would be at pull-ups now if i had this 6-12 months ago.

Without further delay, enjoy my video review below!

One Response to “Stud Bar Review”

  1. Vivek Chawla says:

    Nice review. I need to move inside now, I’m working out in the garage….. :)

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