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June 30, 2011 –

I had never heard of this website until today. At, they determine a health score based on what is in the product. The website states “Find out what’s really in your food.” They list the ingredients of the food and state the good things, bad things, allergens, controversial ingredients, and the full nutrition facts. Here are some examples:

Fast Food

– McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger – Health Score “0”

– Baja Fresh Mahi Mahi Burrtio Mexicano – Health Score “18”

Packaged Goods

– Kashi Go Lean Crunch Cereal – Health Score “61”

– Silk Almond Milk – – Health Score “61” (Raw Almonds are – “87”)

Whole Foods

– Tomato – Health Score “100”

– Avocado – Health Score “61”

– Cantaloupe – Health Score “100”

Well you get the idea. It is actually alot of fun to put in different foods. Lucky enough, they actually have Shakeology in there. So where did our favorite (and healthiest) meal of the day come out? Drumroll…… “97%”

They state that “Algae Blue Green” and “Natural Vanilla Flavors” are controversial. Not sure why. They also state that it contains additional sugars, but it has been certified as “LOW” on the Glycemic Index Scale. This product is also certified as “Gluten Free” so I an not sure why they put “Gluten” as a Possible Allergen. I am not going to nit pick, but not sure how valid these are.

Now onto the great news, “97%”. Product is high in Vitamin A, C, and other vitamins. Product is high in Calcium, Iron, and Protein.

I thought this was a nice third party validation of how healthy and good this product is for you. If you are interested in trying Shakeology, you can get a free sample. Click HERE to see how.

I have copied the results from the website below.

See the source HERE.

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