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One on One, Volume 3 Review

July 2, 2011 –

I have given a comprehensive and complete review of Tony Horton’s 1-on-1 Volume 1 series. I could not claim that for  Volume 3 yet, because they were still being shipped….until now. All 12 discs have shipped and Volume 3 is complete! (And yes, I am working on Volume 2!)

Volume 3 is special because it is giving us a preview of what the upcoming P90X2. To see the unveiling of P90X2 at the 2011 Beachbody Summit, click HERE.

So unlike P90x where Tony put other people through the workouts during the final development, he is doing it himself for P90X2. He has never done most of these workouts before and you get to see him struggle! This is a phenomenal series. Every workout is killer and should get everyone pumped at the challenge Tony is going to throw at us in P902.

I have completed the Ultimate Collection of Worksheets for all relevant One on One, Volume 3 workouts. You can download it HERE.

In case you did not catch my Volume 1 review, I want to restate a few things about the 1-on-1 series.

So what is Tony Horton One on One? How does this differ from P90x and P90x Plus? One on One is an unscripted workout with you and Doc Horton. There are no other people working out with him. It is just you and him (and his trusty cameraman Mason Bendewald from Mason Twist fame). You get to see the real Tony and frankly get to know what makes this guy tick. He shares his stories, his opinions, his quirks, his humor, and his vulnerabilities.

I did Beachbody workouts for a year before I started the One on One series, but I know many who use these discs right after completing P90x. One of the things that intimidated me with One on One was that there were no workout sheets, there was no routine to follow, and frankly I couldn’t even tell what muscle groups were being targeted from the disc names.

Similar to what I did for Volume 1, I committed myself to documenting the Volume 3 workouts and shining a light for others who may be struggling with the same thing I was. This guide should help you decide if which discs you want to buy or if you like want you see and want to sign-up for the subscription and get a new workout delivered to your doorstep every month.

I have documented all workouts in a comprehensive packet that you can download here. I not only documented the exercises, but also organized it in a way that shows you the rhythm and cadence of the workout. I have given individual reviews for each disc below as well as the following information:

– Length

– Target Muscles

– Routine: Rounds / Exercises

– Recommended workouts to replace in P90x

– My Recommendation Rating (out of 5)

– Equipment Needed

Lastly, I have put all the trailers in place for your convenience. However for many of the trailers, it is the same intro by Mason on each one so you may want to fast forward through the 1st 1:10.

If you enjoy my reviews and my site, we would love to have you join Team Right Now! Click HERE to join the team for FREE.

Disc 1 – Chest, Back, and Balls

Length: 60 minutes

Target Muscle: Chest and Back

Routine: 10 Rounds. Each round consists of a pull-up and push-up exercise.

P90x Replacement: Chest & Back

My Recommendation Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Pull-Up (Chair – Optional), Big Stability Ball, up to (4) Medicine Balls, Basketball, 2 Towels.

I can sum this workout in one word…”Awesome”. If you are looking for ways to bring your workouts to the next level, this is it.

This is a skill-based routine. What does that mean? It means that it will require patience and it will take some time to get through it. Just like when you started P90x, you couldn’t do Crane in Yoga X or Corn Cob Pull-ups right off the bat.

So what makes this special? Well, in a word “Balls”! Let me just talk about equipment first as this workout requires a lot of new equipment you may or may not have.

1) If you have not invested in medicine balls, do so. This will not be the only routine he uses these. My Christmas present from my wife was 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 lb medicine balls. He does use up to 4 at once when he does push-ups with both arms and legs balancing on medicine balls. If you don’t have 4, then you use as many as you have. I bought the same ones Tony uses in the video from Valero. You can get them on You can also see below for my full Medicine Ball video review for further help.

2) He also uses a big stability ball for many of the exercises. This is another investment to make and will not be the only video he uses this in. We already had one. Beachbody sells them as does any local sporting goods store.

3) A Basketball. Again, this is not the only workout he uses this. I would suggest buying a cheap basketball if you do not already own one.

Now onto the workout sequence. This is a 10 round workout with each round consisting of a pull-up and push-up exercise. Similar to in Volume 1, there are many pull-ups that you cannot do with an in-frame pull-up bar so he tells you how to modify. He brings back the killer “Lever Pull-Up” as well as introduces new ones like ‘Pull-Up X”. For push-ups, put your power stands away and welcome the new world of doing push-ups on an unstable surface. I absolutely love the new push-ups. Maybe it is because I have gotten fairly good at it, but it just works everything through your core while ripping your chest up. The only push-up I have NOT been able to do to my satisfaction is one he calls “The Possible” push-up (as opposed to “The Impossible”). Tony is always positive. J Your feet are on the big stability ball while your hands are on a basketball. I have the stability ball against the wall, but have not gotten to the point of being able to crank out 10 without falling over.

Why do I love this routine so much? Well, one because you are absolutely pumped afterwards. But because it introduces yet more variety! And you really need to concentrate during this one. This is not a “drop down and give me 30 push-ups” while I am thinking about something else. This is hard core focus and balance.

Get Ready. This one will work ya!

Disc 2 – Ab Ripper Extended (ARX2)

Length: 47 minutes

Target Muscle: Abdominals

Routine: 20 Exercises

P90x Replacement: Ab Ripper X

My Recommendation Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Mat, Medicine Ball (for one exercise)

So, if you have done “Ab Ripper X” so many times that you don’t even need the video and you have now perfected “Killer Abs” from Volume 1, this workout is for you.

Now, did Coach Mike have a typo or does that really say 47 minutes? Yes this is 47 minutes, as long as a regular workout. One of the reasons this workout takes so long is that Tony is actually writing his exercises on a piece of paper as he goes through it. He is writing his notes and seeing whether he wants to resequence things. If there is a disc that really shows you how he develops his workouts, this is it.

But 47 minutes! Okay, here is a trick, you can get through it in just over 30 minutes if you do some fast forwarding. But you may need the breaks between exercises. Tony does introduce some great new moves in this workout. The exercises are not as fast as Ab Ripper X. They are slower and deeper with a fuller range of motion. For example, his first exercise is called “Banana 2 Crunch”. You start in Banana, then you come up for 2 crunches. That’s one rep. The best new name? “The Abronome”! In this exercise you lie on your back, put your legs straight up and move them back and forth like a metronome.

Tony asks the audience at the end what they want to do. Do they want to keep it a full length workout or cut it down so be a supplemental workout. I sent Tony my recommendation to have both options. Have a sequence that is 15-20 minutes that you can do after a resistance day. And have a full workout as an option for those of us who are just crazy.

I think we will see some changes when we see the final version of ARX2, but this is a great disc that introduces new moves and will leave you knowing you have officially obliterated your abdominals.

Disc 3 – Shoulders & Arms: MC2

Length: 58 minutes

Target Muscle: Shoulders & Arms

Routine: 24 exercises. 4 Rounds. Each round consists of 2 exercises performed 3 times.

P90x Replacement: Shoulders & Arms

My Recommendation Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Push-Up Stands, Big Stability Ball, Dumb bells, Bench (Or Chair)

The sequencing of this workout is fairly straight forward. It is 4 rounds with the 1st 2 rounds targeting shoulders and the next 2 rounds targeting arms. In each round he has 2 exercises that he repeats three times for a total of 6 exercises per round.

The 1st round for each muscle group are heavier weight exercises, while for the 2nd round he uses lighter weights. But don’t think the second round is easy. Try doing Crazy 8’s three times. Wow! As expected for rounds with arms, he does a bicep and the a tricep exercise.

It is interesting that he decided to do all shoulders and then do all arms instead of switching off so that the muscle group could rest. But after pounding the muscle group over and over, you do get to muscle exhaustion faster.

This is a great substitute for the P90x Shoulders & Arms workout.

Disc 4 – Base & Back

Length: 51 minutes

Target Muscle: Legs & Back

Routine: 2 Rounds. 10 Exercises repeated twice. Alternate Pull-ups and Legs each exercise

P90x Replacement: Legs & Back

My Recommendation Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Pull-Up Bar (Optional – Chair)

During this video, Tony states that this is not only the hardest workout he has done in years, but the closest he has come to vomiting in years. What I find crazy about that statement is that half of this workout is his marquee strength: pull-ups.

Unlike P90x “Legs & Back”, there are no weights. But also unlike “Legs & Back”, every leg move is a plyo move. The workout consists of 2 rounds, with the 2nd round a repeat of the 1st round. After you are done with the 1st round of 10 exercises, you see the word “Repeat” on his worksheet and you pray that you can get through this (as does he)!

For all of us continuing to look for variety and new challenges, this will be a welcome disc. The plyo leg moves really add a great twist into this workout and they will leave you huffing and puffing as you slowly walk over to your pull-up bar!

Disc 5 – Yoga:MC2

Length: 60 minutes

Target Muscle: Total Body

P90x Replacement: Yoga X

My Recommendation Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Yoga Mat, Yoga Blocks

I mention this routine in my Yoga Blog. Yoga:MC2 is a 60-minute routine that has some great new moves and really gets you sweating. Veteran P90xers will be happy to hear that it is only 60 minutes. The new sequences assume you have done Yoga X and are at least competent with performing the moves and sequences.

I really enjoy Yoga, so this routine is hard for me not to love. It is better than Volume 1, “Fountain of Youth”. Tony has been working on his flexibility because he has turned into gumby in this one.

Most of this workout is comprised of sun salutation / vinyasa sequences. Unlike Yoga X, he does not spend significant time on balance postures, standard stretches, or even the Ab workout. But his new sequences are tough. I encourage you to really focus on your form and try and match his range.

Disc 6 – Plyocide

Length: 63 minutes

Target Muscle: Legs / Total Body / Cardio

Routine: 20 Exercises

P90x Replacement: Plyometrics X

My Recommendation Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Rope, Medicine Balls, Basketball, Dumb bells, Short Stool, 18-24” tall card box (optional in my opinion)

Just the name alone should tell you what Tony has in store for you! This is a fun workout for me and another one that proves variety is the spice of fitness. I especially like the exercises where Mason is calling out different moves. It is as much of a mental workout as a physical one.

The workout consists of 20 exercises. Some are time-based whereas others are rep based. One thing is for sure…you will sweat. The more that I have done Tony’s cardio routines, I have come to realize that while they are not as intense as Insanity, they really work your muscles because I am always sore afterwards. It goes to show that switching things up is paramount to constant improvement. While there are some full range of motion exercises, Plyocide is more about bursty / explosive movements.

I am interested to see if Tony will change this one drastically for the final P90x:MC2. I like it as it is.

Disc 7 – Stretch & Recovery

Length: 70 minutes

Target Muscle: Total Body

Routine: 24 Stretches

P90x Replacement: Stretch X

My Recommendation Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Yoga Mat / Yoga Block

If this workout does not make you more flexible over time, I’m not sure what will. There are some killer (and painful) moves in here, like “Happy Cow”. It’s anything but “Happy”. :) Personally, I did not use Stretch X alot in my original run through of P90x. It was an optional workout for Day 7 that frankly I took off most of the time. However, this new iteration is significantly different and more advanced than Stretch X. These are not easy stretches and while you will see some old favorities, many are new.

On the day that I did this workout, I was not feeling great. I was sore from “Core Synergistics” the day before and traveling in Seattle. Well, this was just what the doctor ordered. It really opened everything up for me and I felt significantly better after than I did before. Do NOT discount the importance of stretching and really working your muscles and opening them up. It is critical and should be apart of your recovery weeks.

If there is one suggestion I would have for improving this workout, it would be to get this down to 60 minutes or less. 70 minutes is a long time to stretch. And although it is good for you, I would like to see a slightly more condensed version when the final P90X:MC2 comes out.

Disc 8 – V Sculpt

Length: 56 Min

Routine: 12 Rounds with each round consisting of a Back & Bicep Exercise

P90x Replacement: Back & Biceps

My Recommendation Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Pull-Up Bar (Chair – Optional), Resistance Band, Band-to-Door Assembly (Included with Disc), Dumb bells

I have done V-Sculpt twice before I wrote this review. All the resistance routines in Volume 3 have been killer and this one is no exception. This entire disc is “Mason’s choice”. There are (6) Back exercises and (6) Bicep exercises. Each round consists of a Back and Bicep exercise that Mason picks from a hat. And when you have gone through all (12) exercises, the pieces of paper go back in the hat for another lovely 12 exercises.

I love variety and this one switches it up alot! The disc comes with a Band-to-Door Assembly for some killer Bicep and Back moves. Don’t think you can get a pump from bands, check these new favorites out! Tony also throws in some new pull-up moves like 21s. These are just like Bicep 21s, but with Pull-Ups: 7-Upper, 7-Lower, 7-Full. In the 2nd round, they really take their toll. And almost by destiny, even though the exercises are picked at random, the last exercise is “Down-the-Rack Curls” just to finish you off in case you had something left.

Disc 9 – Core Synergistics: MC2

Length: 67 Min

Routine: 12 Exercises + 5 Bonus Exercises

P90x Replacement: Core Synergistics

My Recommendation Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Stability Ball, Medicine Ball, Basketball, Pro Sliders (or Plastic Plate), Mat

I had a glorious recovery week heading my way which made it the perfect time to try out the new P90x One-on-One Core Synergistics: MC2. I wanted to compare the original P90x version with the new MC2 version so I did them the same week so both where fresh in my head.

I have done P90x Core Synergistics countless times and it is truly a phenomenal total body workout that also keeps your heart rate up. “Lunge-Kickback-Curl-Press”! Are you kidding me? You can’t work anymore muscles than that exercise! So I am a big fan of this workout and the variety it gives. So what about MC2?

MC2 is different than the original. You will notice from an equipment perspective, that there are no weights. Instead, Tony uses his new favorite MC2 toys (various size balls).

Although it is 67 minutes, there are actually less exercises that the original. However, he does a scripted warm-up utilizing the stability ball that lasts 11 minutes and his cool down is 7 minutes. So the actual workout is 49 minutes. There are 12 exercises with 5 bonus moves.

Similar to alot of the other MC2 workouts, balance is the new prevalent theme. He introduces new moves like Stability Ball Core Circles, Single Leg Burpee, and Plank Burpee on Stability Ball. He even takes an old favorite, the Dreya Roll, and kicks it up a notch with a medicine ball. He uses a 10 lb medicine ball throughout the entire routine.

For a few of the bonus moves called Inch Worms, he adds a brand new toy. I asked out friend Mason Bendewald where he got these new contraption and he directed me to Amazon. So here they are ladies and gentleman. (And they are not cheap!) Just Click on the link below.

Valslide by “Perform Better”

I give this routine 4 stars because it is very different than the original. The core work is great. However, I hesitate before giving it 5 stars because I felt that the original was a little more of a total body workout with an emphasis on core rather than all core. . I would not be surprised if Tony switches this one up a little bit for the official P90X2.

Disc 10 – UBX

Length: 60 Min

Routine: 24 Exercises split into 4 Sequences. Each Sequence has 2 Rounds of the same (3) Exercises.

P90x Replacement: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

My Recommendation Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: 4 Balls, Bench or Chair, Resistance Band, Stability Ball (Optional), Band-to-Door Assembly (included with V-Sculpt disc), Dumb bells, Pro Sliders or Piece of Cardboard

Tony continues his theme of performing resistance exercises on an unstable surface. In fact, this routine reminds me alot of Chest, Back, and Balls. So get ready for another skill-based routine. It may take some time to perfect this one. To do all the moves at their hardest level, you actually need quite a bit of equipment as you can tell from the list above.

One of the more difficult moves is a “4-Ball Pike Press”. I am fairly decent at the “4-Ball Push-Up” (See Video HERE) from Chest, Back, and Balls so I was confident I could nail this out of the box. Well, I was wrong! This is actually much more challenging given that your butt is up in the air and hence your center of gravity is higher. The first round I used only 3-balls and the second round I was able to do about 5-6 reps with 4-balls.

Another tough balance move is the “3-Ball Burpee”. Your hands are each on a ball and your feet are on the third ball. As you do a push-up and come up, you bring one leg to your chest while your other leg balances on the ball. Cool move once you get the hang of it. This is when the ball you use is important. As I posted in my Medicine Ball Review, having the right grip on the ball can make a huge difference in being able to do these moves.

Just when you thought you had seen every push-up imaginable, Tony introduces the “Chaturocker Push-Up”. He uses a pizza box top sized pieced of cardboard to slide his feet. After doing Core Synergistics:MC2, I decided to purchase the Valslides that Tony uses in that video for the “Inch Worms”. Effectively these are really high performance sliders for use on carpet. So, I used those instead of the pizza box top and they worked really good.

And just in case you want to get some nice “diamonds” on the back of your arms, Tony does not disappoint with some new Tricep moves. There are new balance moves including “Kickbacks” and “Extensions” while on your forearms as well as a soon to be infamous “One-Arm Bench Dip”. The first time I saw it, I wasn’t so sure I could do it. However, after a couple of ugly reps, I got the hand of it. Triceps are one of my strength areas and I felt pretty good after I finished this. But if this is too much for you, just bring your feet closer to your body to make it easier.

One last note on triceps. The final move is called “High-Bar Band Extension”. Tony puts a band around is pull-up bar and proceeds to do overhead tricep extensions. I used the Band-to-Door Assembly that came with V-Sculpt. You can use whatever you like, but you need something that secures your band up high.

So how did this compare to the original P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps? I found that workout to be one of the hardest resistance workouts in the P90X series. By the time the “One-Arm Push-Ups” came along, I was spent! So, this routine had big shoes to fill. I would actually give the original an edge on raw toughness and endurance required. However, UBX excels at bringing in the element of unstable surfaces which adds a whole new dimension to the workout. You will have lower reps in UBX as the moves are not built for speed.

From a variety standpoint, the original had 8 rounds of different exercises while UBX repeats each round twice to give you 4 sequences. One isn’t better than the other, but UBX does allow you to adjust yourself in round 2.

Overall, this is another killer resistance routine from the 1-on-1 series and I highly recommend it. This workout could be paired up with the original P90X Back & Biceps or the 1-on-1, Vol 3 disc, V-Sculpt.

Disc 11 – P.A.P.

Length: 70 Min

Routine: Long Warm-up followed by (2) Complexes. Each Complex contains 3-4 moves and is repeated 4 times.

P90x Replacement: None (All new stuff!)

My Recommendation Rating: 4.5 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Weights, 4 Balls, Chair or Stability Ball, Strength Band (for stretching), Pull-Up Bar (for stretching)

P.A.P. stands for Post Activation Potentiation. What?! Yes, it sounds impressive, huh? There is actually a long interview in this one between Steve Edwards and Tony. Steve is our fitness geek who knows all the science behind this. If you want to really get down and dirty on P.A.P., there is a great article on P3 Applied Science Blog HERE. Dr. Marcus Elliot at P3 was used to create the P90X2 P.A.P.workout. You can also read Steve Edward’s Blog on P.A.P. HERE. If you want to find out more, just Google it and there are plenty of other articles on it.

P.A.P. is showing incredible results and many high-level athletes are using it. In geeky scientific terms, P.A.P has proven 2 things.

1) “that prior heavy loading induces a high degree of central nervous system stimulation, resulting in greater motor unit recruitment and force, which can last from five-to-thirty minutes”

2) “PAP intervention enhances the H-reflex, thus increasing the efficiency and rate of the nerve impulses to the muscle”

What does this mean? You will be able to jump higher, run faster, and lift more. At some level, this is our goal, right? Okay Mike, enough science, what about the workout?!

The workout is 70 minutes long and has a very long warm-up broken into 2 parts. The “Heated Warm-Up” is actually a workout in itself. However, the main workout is comprised of 2 complexes. Each complex is broken into a power move followed by an explosive move followed by a flexibility move. Each series of moves is repeated four times with no break.

The first complex focuses on the Lower Body.

Power Move – Front to Back Lunges (Holding Dumb bells)

Explosive Move – Flying Lunges (High Speed / Max Height)

Flexibility Move – Forearm Side Arm Balance (Heel Skyward / Arm Raised)

The second complex focuses on the Upper Body.

Power Move – Push-Up Rows (Holding Dumb bells)

Explosive Move – Plyo Push-Up (High Speed / MaxHeight)

Flexibility Moves – 4 Ball Chaturanga followed by Floor Clock

So, what did I think of it? I was really excited to do this. This is the workout our upline coach Wayne Wyatt did for the actual P90X2 recordings that occured earlier this year. Obviously, it will have evolved from the 1-on-1 for the final program, but this is a workout that is brand new. There is no P90X replacement because we didn’t do this in P90X. P.A.P is a completely new concept.

I really enjoyed the workout, but I was somewhat surprised that it was not more difficult. I am not trying to sound arrogant, but my average heart rate for the 70 minutes was slightly higher than 100. That is Yoga X territory for me. Now, I have heard that they kicked up the difficulty big time for the final P90X2 version. In fact, rumor is that there will be a dedicated P.A.P. Upper and P.A.P. Lower workout. We shall see. I held back on a full (5) stars because honestly I felt like I had more in me after the workout. When I finish a routine, I want to be spent. I want to wonder whether I am going to be able to get that last rep done. I love the concept and the geeky science. However, I am looking forward to the final version. If you do (2) complexes focusing on just Upper or just Lower, I am sure this is crusher of a workout!

I think P.A.P. has huge potential (no pun intended) to really help many of us break through an plateaus we may be seeing in our fitness. I am not sure how they will work this into the 90 day routine. Will it replace KenpoX? Rumor is that it may only be done the last 30 days. I guess it can be thought of as a “Game Day” for P90X2.

If you do plan on doing P90X2, I would definitely buy this to familiarize yourself with the concept of P.A.P. so you can be head of the game when Tony brings out the real deal later this year

Disc 12 – Total Body X

I am sad to report that this is the FINAL One-on-One disc. In this disc, a note came that said the “series has been discontinued.” Now with P90X2 coming out later this year, I expected a hiatus but not a complete discontinuation. Well, I have purchased the entire One-on-One, Volume 2, so I will keep the reviews coming, but there will not be a Volume 4.

Deep Sigh. Onto the review…

Length: 43 Min

Routine: 4 Rounds. Each Round contains (4) Exercised

P90x Replacement: None. Although you could use it to replace Total Body Plus (fromP90X Plus).

My Recommendation Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)

Equipment Required: Pull-Up Bar, Push-Up Stands, Dumb Bell, (3) Medicine Ball , Basketball, and a Stability Ball

Okay, so what does Tony do for his final hurrah in the One-on-One Series. Well for one, he takes us out of his own gym and onto the P90X2 set. In fact, taping for P90X2 occurred the day after this filming. He uses this as a “Best Of” from his One on Ones. He brings us through 4 Rounds. For each round, he does the following:

1) Upper Body (Alternate Chest and Back)

2) Cardio

3) Ab/Core

4) Legs

He does introduce some old familiar moves like “Levers” and “Jack-in-the-Box Knee Tucks”, but I noticed some new moves as well like “Crunchy Levers” and “Russian Twist”! In “Russian Twist”, you do Mason Twist with a dumb bell in your hands and a medicine ball between your knees. Killer Move!

So where would you place this in your routine? You could use this as one of your resistance days or it would be a great workout for your recovery week. Make no mistake, this has very difficult moves in it, but it varies the muscle groups enough where you dont fatigue like in a 1-2 focus muscle group routine. For example, I can crank out more Levers in this routine than in “30-15″.

I gave this routine a 4 out of 5 stars. I with held the last star because there were many of the moves I had seen before, even as recently as P.A.P.. However, this disc puts the nail in the coffin that “Balls” will be used VERY heavily in P90X2. If you want to do the extreme versions of all exercises, get ready to invest in some medicine and stability balls. Check out my review below.

I really enjoy the One-on-One Series. What will be next from Tony Horton? We will have to wait and see. I heard a rumor of a redo of the original Power90 series. However, with 36 One-on-One Discs, P90X, P90X Plus, Power 90, and soon to be P90X2, I suppose he has give us quite the arsenal to keep us busy!

To Tony Horton and Mason Bendewald, thank you so much for a phenomenal series. I have grown to love these more than the original P90X workouts.

25 Responses to “One on One, Volume 3 Review”

  1. Coach Indo says:

    Another great review—I’ve said it before…I think your reviews have convinced me that I need to get this entire volume—-I’ve been debating on just getting a of them (but which ones? They all sound GREAT!). But I think I need ALL of them…especially to prepare for what’s coming in the Fall!

  2. Coach Noel says:

    Nice review Mike!! Very informative!

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  4. BigSwish says:

    Wow Mike!!! These reviews are GREAT! Thanks bro!

  5. […] have given a comprehensive and complete review of Tony Horton’s 1-on-1 Volume 1 and Volume 3 series. Now although there will NOT be a Volume 4 (the series is discontinued after Volume 3), I am going […]

  6. Coach Indo says:

    OK, I’m pulling the trigger—just ordered all of Vol. 3!

    I’ll be back to download the workout sheets…

  7. JIM says:

    Coach Mike:Your reviews are awesome. I love that you give the length of the routine, what equipment you will need, etc. These details are very useful. I am currently doing the One on One seies as a P90x grad. The sets I own have no descriptions of the workouts whatsoever. The binder/holder doesn’t even name the workouts. I am making up cards for each workout and your reviews serve as an excellent basis. For this I give much thanks. Since your work was so awesome, I was disappointed to find that your review of Volume 2 was not complete. I’d love to see the rest of them done up in your style!

    • Coach Mike Coach Mike says:


      I am working through Volume 2 now. I takes a while to get through them all. :) I will have more coming in this week. I am hoping to be done with Volume 2 in the next couple of weeks! I am glad you are enjoying them! How long have you been doing P90X post the first 90 days?

      – Mike

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