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X2 Total Body Review

February 11, 2012 –

In my opinion, X2 Total Body is the hardest workout in the Foundation Phase. For those of you who did P90X One-on-One Volume 3, this workout is very different from Total Body X.

In the 1-on-1, Tony does 4 rounds of a Upper Body, Cardio, Ab/Core, and Legs. It is not the hardest of routines and frankly I was thinking X2 Total Body would be a typical UMCL workout (Upper, Middle, Cardio, Lower).

Wow, well Tony started from the ground up to create this beast. The workout is 62 minutes long, but if you take out the warm-up and cool down, you are cranking through 24 moves in 39 minutes! It moves fast and your heart rate is cranking! The workout is 12 moves repeated twice. You get a break every 6 moves.

Like all of P90X2, the moves are very synergistic in nature. However, there is a strong focus on the upper body. The “Warrior 3″ moves are tough balance moves, but I think “Swimmer’s Curl Press in 1/2 Chair” is the toughest move of them all!

Be Prepared! This one will work you. You can see my workout (and my struggles) below.

Download my P90X2 Ultimate Worksheets HERE

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