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X2 Core Review

February 3, 2012-

X2 Core will be your first workout for P90X2 in Phase 1, called the Foundation Phase. For those of you who did P90X One-on-One Volume 3, you will see that the moves in this workout are very similar to Core Synergistics: MC2.

You can make it through this workout and actually feel it wasn’t too hard. If that is the case, you didn’t do it right! Form is everything. Engage your glutes, core, quads, everything. When I recorded my workout, I was surprised at my form on a few of the moves. I thought it was good until I saw myself. :)

“You can’t shoot a canon from a canoe.”

This is what the Foundation Phase is all about. You are not just working Primary muscle groups. Secondary and Tertiary Muscle groups are all getting activated. This is total body / synergistic exercise. In fact, in this workout you know how many weights you use? None! One Med Ball and a Stability Ball is all you need to crush your core and build your foundation.

This will be my first in a series of posts about the X2 workouts. I have recorded many of the workouts in a way that shows you my weaknesses. It shows where I need to improve. It highlights where my form needs to get better. The goal is progress not perfection. And when you are dealing with balance and unstable surfaces, it is important to focus on your improvement week over week. This is hard, but hang in there and do your best. After all, this is P90X2!

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