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Asylum-Game Day Preview

April 30, 2011 –

I am doing a dry run of all the Insanity Asylum workouts before our May 1 ASYLUM CHALLENGE start. I will do a full Insanity Asylum Review after my 30 days, but I want to provide my initial impressions.

GAME DAY is very reminiscent of Insanity’s Max Interval Sports Training. This is the longest of all the ASYLUM workouts. It clocks in at 60 minutes and it is a ton of fun, in a sadistic Insanity / Shaun T kind of way. :) Shaun T takes you through 11 sports. Yup, 11! Some sports he only gives you one exercise while others more close to his heart, like “Track & Field” and “Mountain Climbing”, he spends more time on. Here are the sports you will be challenged with on GAME DAY:

Track & Field – This includes a 6 minute “1 Mile Run” along with 2 Agility exercises

Basketball – 2 Exercises. Shaun T gives a shout out to the CEO, Carl Daikeler, by naming the “Jump Shot” after him.

Wrestling – 1 Exercise. I really liked this one. Some balance twists and push-ups leaves you pumped up after 2 minutes

Soccer – As a soccer player, I was looking forward to this one. It is a solid 4 exercise cardio sequence that really gets those hip flexors working! Good work Shaun!

Tennis – 2 exercises with the ladder. Good sequence with some agility and plyo.

Speed Skating – This is a great side-to-side exercise that brought me back to some of the great moves in P90x One-on-One Volume 1, Plyo Legs. I really enjoyed this one!

Swimming – There were some great swimming exercises in BACK TO CORE so I had high hopes for GAME DAY. Shaun does not disappoint with a 100m Breaststroke consisting of flutter kicks and iso holds.

Surfing – Shaun T lets us know that surfing is not all about being a beach bum! Some great paddling (more back burn) followed by a “quick pop” to your feet.

Football – Shaun limits it to one exercise, but it is a bit of a “Shaun T’s choice” so stay focused.

Mountain Climbing – One of the hardest sequences is left until last. 4 exercises consist of some semi-plyo push-ups and the ever dreaded “Rock Climber Switch” on the pull-up bar. I actually did better and got more reps this time around than my attempts in STRENGTH.

Baseball – The last sport! Some pitching and batting are left before you have conquered GAME DAY. But dont think Shaun T isn’t going to make the moves extreme!

GAME DAY is built up as the culmination of all the other workouts (deemed “Practices”). Does GAME DAY deliver? It does without a doubt bring all the moves of the other workouts together. However, I was expecting this to be the hardest workout. Shaun actually gives you some fairly frequent, although short, breaks. In my book, the “HARDEST ASYLUM WORKOUT CROWN” goes to VERTICAL PLYO at this point. However, after I do a GAME DAY workout followed by OVERTIME, maybe I will think differently.:)

You can download the GAME DAY workout sheet HERE. (I have shown a preview below.) Once I have completed all the Asylum workouts, I will compile into one file like I have done with my other workouts.

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