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BowFlex and Band Review

August 22, 2011 –

I spent this past Friday night recording a bunch of video reviews. As I said on my Facebook page, I am a true fitness geek. LOL! Well, the first review is on the different equipment I use for resistance workouts. If you don’t know My Story, I credit BowFlex’s SelectTech Dumbbells for introducing me to P90X. (More on that in the video.)

Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells

There are many types of all-in-one dumbbells on the market. Many people prefer Power Blocks. I bought SelectTechs.

– You can find out more about SelectTech dumbbells on Bowflex’s website HERE.

1090 Series – Weights adjust from 10 to 90 lbs. (5 lb. increments.)

552 Series –  Weights adjust from 5 to 52.5 lbs. (2.5 lb. increments the first 25 lbs.).

Stand – Ergonomically designed stand helps protect your lower back by eliminating the need to bend down when picking up weights.

Resistance Bands

And while you can make an investment in SelectTech dumbbells, good ole’ fashioned Resistance Bands work great as well. In fact, for many exercises they work MUCH better than a dumbbell.

– Click HERE for my full post on Resistance Bands.

– Click HERE for a demo from Doc Horton.

– Click HERE to see the Resistance Bands from Beachbody

There is not one exercise you cant do with a Resistance Band. In fact, in all P90X resistance routines, there is at least one person doing the exercises with the bands.

Without further delay, here is my video review. Enjoy!

9 Responses to “BowFlex and Band Review”

  1. Crash says:

    Hey, awesome post. I’ve been thinking about getting a set of BowFlex dumbbells and after watching this I definitely think I will. I also enjoyed the door hinge connector thing, I hadn’t seen that before!

    • Coach Mike Coach Mike says:

      I wish I would have had the Door-to-Band Assembly from the beginning. I used to put my band around door knobs in hotel rooms and I was always waiting for the band to come flying at me. It is a very simple, yet very effective piece of equipment.

  2. Paul Mason says:

    Mike – great review on both items! I used bands my whole first month of p90x but I got the lifesmart adjustable dumbbells which work great – although I just got a 100lb band at a local sporting good store which is great for repping out when im spend on pullups – sometimes I feel I use my legs to much when I do the assisted pullup but not with the band- I can hold it and really feel my back muscles yelling at me !!
    great post!
    Paul Mason

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