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Asylum-Speed & Agility Preview

April 20 , 2011 –

I am doing a dry run of all the Insanity Asylum workouts before our May 1 ASYLUM CHALLENGE start. I will do a full Insanity Asylum Review after my 30 days, but I want to provide my initial impressions.

To use another Insanity name, SPEED & AGILITY is Fast & Furious from the word “Go!”. This workout will give you a serious sweat! You will use your speed rope during the warm-up and your agility ladder throughout the workout.

The agility ladder is a great equipment addition. It will make you focus on your form by giving you visual targets. You also know if you are getting sloppy as you hit the ladder. In fact, Shaun T states during one workout that if you hit the ladder, you need to do push-ups. Oh yeah, he isn’t messing around!

I really like how he uses the agility ladder for Mountain Climber Progressions and In & Out Progressions. It really pushes you to move up to the next ladder. When you hit ladder 3, you are really pushing yourself and it requires intense mental focus to ensure you are not hitting the yellow bars.

When I did the workout, I literally put the disc in and let ‘er rip! There are alot of very fast moves. I paused numerous times to ensure I understood the move. It’s not that the moves were hard to remember for meĀ  (like in Turbo Fire), it was just that they were new. His feet are really moving in many of the exercises so focus on the sequence. I focused on form for the whole workout. The speed will come.

One thing that was a struggle for me was that although my workout room is a decent size, you really need a lot of space around your agility ladder. You use all sides and I found myself having to adjust where it was in the room based on the exercise. For example, for “Agility Shoulder Taps” I needed to put the ladder in the front of my room. For the “Agility Bear Crawl”, I needed to put it on a diagonal and frankly I still ran out of room to go completely up and down.

Shaun T stated that his favorite Asylum workout was a tie between this one and STRENGTH. I can see why. SPEED & AGILITY has Insanity DNA all over it, but it does feel like a new and unique workout. I am really looking forward to perfecting this workout. This is guaranteed to not only give you a phenomenal cardio workout, but to improve the speed of your foot work.

Although this is not the type of workout that you may necessarily track your reps, a workout sheet is very helpful to learn the routine. However, it will be helpful to note which ladder you were able to reach for exercises like the progression sequences. I have shown a preview below and you can download the Speed & Agility workout sheet HERE. Once I have completed all the Asylum workouts, I will compile into one file like I have done with my other workouts.

8 Responses to “Asylum-Speed & Agility Preview”

  1. AaronP says:

    cool, I’m doing max insanity right now to prepair for asylum. Although I had a hard time finding an extra agility LADDER and SPEED rope for my brother so I Included a link.

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