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May 23, 2011 –

How important is good form? Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson have some great advice in a video I have included below.

One of the important benefits of good form is an injury-free workout. Be patient with yourself, especially with a new routine. A recent example I have is my first week of The Asylum. I remember trying Speed & Agility and getting frustrated because my feet weren’t moving as fast as Shaun T’s and frankly I was messing up the actually movements. I needed to remind myself to SLOW DOWN. Get the form right and then you can add speed.

Another tough workout is Plyometrics from P90X. Bad form in this workout will leave your joints screaming. Tony has a good video on proper form and ways you can modify to ensure you don not hurt yourself. Injury puts you on the sideline which doesn’t do you any good. Get your form right, maximize your workouts, and stay injury-free

The Importance of Proper Form

When working out, what’s more important: breaking a sweat or sweating your technique? in other words, how important is proper form? Tony Horton and Chalene Johnson chime in.

Tony’s Tips for Pain-Free Plyometrics

Are your ankles and knees killing you after P90X Plyo? Tony and his pal Dominic demonstrate how to avoid pain and get results

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