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P90X Certification

 April 11, 2012 –

I am really excited to announce that Beachbody has started 2 new training programs. One that will make you P90X Qualified and one that will make you P90X Certified. They have started a new team at Headquarters that will be looking at more programs and be bringing more and more training to Beachbody Coaches. Here is a quick video that tells you more about P90X Qualification and Certification.

You can find all the information you need at I have also included a lot of information below. And because I would never ask anyone on my team to do something I didn’t do first, I am now officially P90X Qualified as of last week. I will be doing P90X Certification on May 12-13.

So what was my experience with P90X Qualification? P90X Qualification is an online course with (11) Lessons that cover the following  topics:

Lesson 1 – History of P90X

Start here to learn the basics of P90X so you can better guide people through the program. You’ll discover how P90X started and captured the attention of millions of fans. This chapter will introduce you to the creators, initial test groups, and how the P90X Nutrition Plan completed the program.

Lesson 2 – What is P90X?

Find out how P90X works, who the program is geared towards, and how it’s different than other fitness programs. Learn the principles P90X is built on and the combination of exercises that make it unique. And, get a basic understanding of the science behind P90X.

Lesson 3 – The P90X Program

This is a breakdown of the 12 workouts used in P90X. Learn how they’re classified, what they focus on, and how you can schedule them. Discover how the recovery phase works into the program and why it’s so vital to success. Plus, you’ll see the value of the P90X fit test.

Lesson 4 – The Science of P90X

Get a deeper analysis of the term Muscle Confusion. Learn about the role of adaptation syndrome and how it’s used for great fitness improvements. Discover the basics of periodizational training and how it’s used to maximize the adaptation syndrome over time. Also, learn when to schedule recovery cycles.

Lesson 5 – Nutrition and P90X

Understand the P90X approach to nutrition. Get the basics on calories, carbs, fat, and sugar and their effects on the body. Discover the P90X 3-phase eating approach to getting lean and ripped. And, learn what’s best to eat before and after workouts to improve fitness results.

Lesson 6 – Supplements

Find out which supplements are designed to work specifically with P90X. Learn to speed up muscle recovery time, increase energy, and improve strength. Discover which shakes and bars are recommended. Plus, understand why certain vitamins are especially helpful with this workout program.

Lesson 7 – Customizing P90X

Discover different options for scheduling P90X workouts to suit specific goals. Learn to set up P90X training schedules that are sports specific, adjust for limitations and injuries, or are ideal for maintenance. Plus, find out what gender considerations to take into account for certain exercises.

Lesson 8 – Staying Injury Free

Learn how to avoid injury. Understand how to use the P90X fit test to create a training protocol. Discover the importance of warm-ups, cooldowns, recovery, and nutrition to stay injury free. Plus, find out how to spot overtraining and give advice on individual injuries.

Lesson 9 – Motivation & Commitment

Discover ways to keep your clients engaged. Learn why the P90X App for iPhone® matters. Find out how to utilize progress photos and the P90X fit test. And, get information on the accountability tools that Beachbody® offers.

Lesson 10 – Fitness FAQ

Get the answers to common fitness questions about training clients in P90X. Discover more ways to customize P90X to suit individual needs. Plus, gain more insight on how to advise clients in their fitness journey with P90X.

Lesson 11 – Nutrition FAQ

Get the answers to common nutrition questions about training clients in P90X. Find out ways to customize the P90X nutrition plan for individual needs. And, learn more about timing snacks and meals with workouts.

Even though I have studied P90X for 2+ years, I still learned alot of great information from this course that I will refer back to as well. I feel that if I am going to be truly coaching others through P90X (and other programs) that I should be as educated as possible.

I am looking forward to telling you how P90X Certification goes in a month!

The Complete P90X Certification Program includes:

Phase I – P90X Qualification:

An online learning program with audio and visual presentations, comprised of 11 chapters and quizzes. (Successful completion of Qualification is required at least 7 days before attending a P90X Certification workshop.) Graduates will earn a P90X Qualified Certificate and access to an official P90X Qualified eBadge.

Phase II – P90X Certification:

A 2-day, intensive weekend workshop including hands-on instruction by Beachbody® Master Instructors and a comprehensive P90X Certification Curriculum Binder. Upon successful completion of a written and practical exam, graduates will earn a P90X Certified Diploma and access to an official P90X Certified eBadge

What You Get

P90X Qualification

This online learning program will help you attain a deeper understanding of the P90X Extreme Home Fitness program—including expert knowledge in the science, nutrition, and history of P90X—so you can maximize your personal results and assist others in achieving their fitness goals.

P90X Qualification is also the first step to becoming P90X Certified.

P90X Qualified

Access to the P90X Qualification Online Learning Program includes:

  • Expert instruction in P90X through audio and visual presentations

  • Quizzes to complete after each chapter

  • P90X Qualified Certificate upon successful completion

  • Access to a P90X Qualified eBadge upon successful completion

  • Prerequisite to attend a P90X Certification Weekend Workshop

P90X Qualified

P90X Certification

Registering for P90X Certification is currently by invitation only. P90X Certification will be opening up to the general public in the coming months. Get a jump start now by beginning Phase I—P90X Qualification—today!

A P90X Certification means you can:

  • Achieve a deeper understanding of P90X

  • Teach P90X classes

  • Train a client in P90X

Now you can take your P90X knowledge to the next level—with P90X Certification!


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