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One Year Younger

July 7, 2011 –

Well team today is my 36th birthday. 7 is my lucky number. I was born on 7/7 in the 1970s.  I’m 6’1 (6+1 = 7). My first, middle, and last names all have 7 letters (Michael Patrick Roberts). And for most of my teenage life, I was 177 lbs. Now that last part moved up over the years. However, I am very lucky that I have a high metabolism or I could have easily been 230 lbs with the way I ate.

I am blessed with 3 amazing children (9, 7, and 5). I have an incredibly loving life partner in my wife Stephanie. God has blessed me in so many ways.  And tonight I am going to somewhat take the night off.

So today’s message is short and sweet. It is a question, although slightly rhetorical. This is something Doc Horton talks about all the time given he is now 53.

Is a Healthy Diet and Consistent Exercise the Fountain of Youth?

You tell me. :) Just remember, it is NEVER too late to start a new chapter! Interested? I can help. Make me your coach for FREE HERE.

2 Responses to “One Year Younger”

  1. Coach Chris says:

    Happy Birthday Mike! Its amazing… most people start where you are now and end up at your “before” pics! Way to take control of your health!

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